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"We must no longer treat journalists as if they were objective reporters
when they are ideologues and propagandists."
Robert Spencer

July 30, 2011 - 29 Tammuz 5771
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,
or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;
or the right of the people peaceably to assemble,
and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
I read His Book cover to cover, so I know who wins!

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The 5000 Year Leap -
A Miracle T
hat Changed the World
(Audio Download)
Author: W. Cleon Skousen
Read by: Earl Taylor Jr.

Constitutional Literacy
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True meaning of the General Welfare Clause
(which is used to spend trillions of dollars)
Religious freedom
Freedom of speech, press, and association
Equal protection
The Second Amendment
International Law
Constitutional rights of parents.
And more
Each lesson is a 20-minute-long,
fast-moving enriched media production
that is far more than plain lecture.
We even have actual oral arguments
in the Supreme Court of the United States
which I guarantee that you will find fascinating.
There are a total of 25 lessons.
Watch the first episode free


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And the LORD God took the man,
and put him into the garden of Eden
to dress it and to keep it.

Genesis 2:15

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If you died today,
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16 facts muslims hate
About Jews, Arabs and Israel

1. Israel became a state circa 1030 B.C., more than two millennia before Islam.

2. Arabs from Israel first began to be called "Palestinians" in 1967 by Yasser Arafat and other Arab leaders, two decades after modern Israeli statehood.

3. After conquering the land in about 1250 B.C., Jews ruled it for more than 1,300 years and have maintained a continuous presence there for 3,300 years.

4. For over 3,000 years, Jerusalem was the Jewish capital. It was never the capital of any Arab or Muslim entity. Even under Jordanian rule, (East) Jerusalem was not made the capital, and no Arab leader came to visit it.

5. Jerusalem is mentioned over 700 times in the Bible, but not once is it mentioned in the Qur'an.

6. King David founded Jerusalem; Mohammed never set foot in it.

7. Jews pray facing Jerusalem; Muslims face Mecca. If they are between the two cities, Muslims pray facing Mecca, with their backs to Jerusalem.

8. In 1948, Arab leaders urged their people to leave, promising to cleanse the land of Jewish presence - some 70% of them fled without ever being ordered by Israel to leave, most of those without ever having seen an Israeli soldier.

9. Virtually the entire Jewish population of Muslim countries had to flee as the result of violence and pogroms.

10. Some 650,000 Arabs left Israel in 1948, while about 850,000 Jews were forced to leave Muslim countries.

11. In spite of the vast territories at their disposal, Arab refugees from Palestine were deliberately prevented from assimilating into their host countries. Of 100 million refugees following World War II, they are the only group to have never integrated with their coreligionists. Most of the Jewish refugees from Europe and Arab lands were settled in Israel, a country no larger than New Jersey.

12. There are 22 Arab countries (with 800 times the land mass of Israel), not counting the Palestinian territories. There is only one Jewish state. Arabs started all five wars against Israel, and lost every one of them.

13. The Fatah and Hamas constitutions still call for the destruction of Israel. Israel has agreed under several proposals to cede most of the West Bank and all of Gaza to the Palestinian Authority, and even supported the arming of its police force after the Oslo Accords in 1993.

14. During the Jordanian occupation, Jewish holy sites were vandalized and were off limits to Jews. Under Israeli rule, all Muslim and Christian holy sites are accessible to all faiths and maintained in good order at Israel's expense.

15. Out of 175 United Nations Security Council resolutions up to 1990, 97 were against Israel; out of 690 General Assembly resolutions, 429 were against Israel;

16. The U.N. was silent when the Jordanians destroyed 58 synagogues in the old city of Jerusalem. It remained silent while Jordan systematically desecrated the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives, and it remained silent when Jordan enforced apartheid laws preventing Jews from accessing the Temple Mount and Western Wall (Kotel).


This column: Alerts, USA news, World News, From the Wide Web World

The battle is not over! PLEASE... Be active in taking back America!
The real work to be done is locally in home districts to rescue America.
Become a Precinct Committeeman, run for a local office, support your reps,
hold their feet to the fire, and get involved!

Wanting your country back is not the same thing as working to take it back.
One is a wish, the other, a viable plan in action.

"America is not governed by the majority, but governed by the majority of those who participate". ~Thomas Jefferson


***** Action Alerts *****

Voters are watching!

Don't stop calling! DEMAND Cut, Cap and Balance !!!!!!

No Deals!!! Balanced budget and spending cuts! No new taxes!
No cap & Trade! Stop the EPA! Impeach Obama! 


HR 2164 - They can't ALL be wrong - FIX it or PULL IT !!!
that were hard fought for and WON in the COURTS to ENFORCE Immigration LAWS.
And Includes --> a 3-YEAR AG-AMNESTY.
Please take the time to read what these folks have to say...

Congressman LOU BARLETTA - SIX FLAWS IN H.R.2164


PA State SENATOR DARYL METCALFE - Metcalfe Against Federally Proposed Legal Workforce Act

KRIS KOBACH - Hobbling States on Borders

TOM TANCREDO - Federal Duplicity blocks Immigration Reform

MIKE CUTLER - Déjà Vu All Over Again

Rick Oltman - The E-Verify Bill and the Chamber of Commerce

Rick Oltman - Kill the State Preemption in Federal E-Verify Bill

Rick Oltman - Amnesty in Two Acts & the 3 Lies of Immigration Enforcement

Phyllis Schlafly - Lamar Smith's E-Verify Bill Must Be Amended

U.S.Border Control - Things aren't always as they seem

Vdare - Patriots divided over Smith's National E-Verify Bill

One Old Vet - The problems I have with Lamar Smith's Legal Workforce Act


Millions of PATRIOTS helped the States pass their Enforcement Bills
and HR 2146 will VOID ALL !!


President Obama wants to control all the land and all the water in the United States.
Legislation that would have deleted the word "navigable" from the federal Clean Water Act and given the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers jurisdiction over every drop of moisture in the country crashed and burned last Congress, ending the 36-year congressional career of its lead sponsor, Jim Oberstar, in the process.
But Obama's EPA, as usual, won't take no for an answer, and is now attempting to ignore two Supreme Court decisions, commonsense, and the American people and vastly expand federal Clean Water Act jurisdiction via a guidance document. A bipartisan group of 170 members of Congress told them not to, but they are doing it anyway.
If the EPA and Army Corps succeed, they can exercise effective control over all land and water in the United States. The green groups are fired up and pouring comments into the docket supporting this outrageous power grab, and we need to fight back.
Click here to tell the EPA and the Army Corps to STOP their back door assault on private property rights.
The docket closes on July 31st, there is no time to spare. Please take action today!


Foreign Aid Bill Contains Big Loophole Demand this be changed!
A bill that would suspend billions in federal aid to Mideast countries until the White House can certify they are not controlled by groups hostile to the U.S. contains a major loophole that would allow Obama to waive rules in interest of national security.

Stop Obama’s Egyptian Tank Sale Jonathan S. Tobin Call Today!
Note: The NEW EGYPT has declared it will destroy Israel!

In a nutshell, the "Declaration of Independence of 2011" says...
We The People, therefore, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world, solemnly declare our full intention, by any lawful means available, to remove from office all those politicians and office holders who have been complicit in...
• the trampling of our liberties,
• the undermining of our religious freedoms,
• the overt and intentional subversion of our Constitution,
• overstepping the boundaries of their law-based authority,
• the advancement and promotion of a socialist agenda,
• the massive expansion of a federal government through agencies and czars whose goal is to "fundamentally transform America!"
We break the bonds between us and them!
We declare, by the Rights afforded us by our Creator, that we are Duty bound to expose and resist all
unlawful decrees and policies, such as the extensive list presented above, as have been or may yet be
issued by the present abusive regime in the Executive Branch and in the United States Congress.
Endorsing our "Declaration of Independence 2011" will unite you in our cause of overcoming an unprecedented expansion of federal power, the outrageous imposition of unconstitutional mandates, and the radical socialist agenda designed to "fundamentally transform" America.
We will deliver a copy of the Declaration to each member of Congress, key officials in the Obama Administration, and to many other members of the federal bureaucracy on behalf of hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans like you!
Sign Your Name to Liberty Counsel's "Declaration of Independence 2011"
Please go here to endorse this vital statement:

UNITED with ISRAEL Petition to the White House
Veto Any UN Declaration of a Palestinian State in Israel
Palestinian leaders have announced their intentions to ask the United Nations to formally recognize a Palestinian State by September 2011. Abbas intends to establish a state on Land that is currently inhabited by Jewish families.
We therefore want to clearly tell the United States government, the United Nations and the world at large that we reject the establishment of a foreign state within the borders of Israel.
Please join us in signing this petition against the declaration of a Palestinian state in the Land of Israel.
The world must respect Israel's sovereignty as the national homeland of the Jewish People and reject any unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood


Senate contact list - Find your Senator, contact info or click to email

Capital Switchboard 202-224-3121

Life Liberty Freedom
e-mail every member of Congress and the Senate. Not just the legislators from your own state, but all 50 states. That's all 535 voting members. And it is all FREE. Go now and register and tell Congress you had enough. Tell your friends and every patriot.

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men,
undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
- Thomas Paine




2nd Amendment

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!” Samuel Adams in 1776


U.N. Agreement Should Have All Gun Owners Up In Arms Larry Bell Forbes
Have no doubt that this plan is very real, with strong Obama administration support

Unsettling Wariness in Norway, Where Police Are Rarely Armed By MICHAEL SCHWIRTZ
OSLO — When a man dressed in a police uniform began slaughtering young people at a Norwegian summer camp last week, one of the first to be killed was a real police officer named Trond Berntsen, who for years had worked in security at the camp.
Whether Officer Berntsen tried to stop the gunman is still being debated. But facing a man carrying multiple guns and ample ammunition, there was little he could do. Like most other police officers here, he had no weapon. ...


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The Left-Out News


USA News Header

"Government is...a dangerous servant and a fearful master." George Washington



The "president" said,
"The credit rating is at risk.
We don't have a "triple A political system"
to meet our triple A credit rating."
So.... does he plan on fixing the


On tea party bandwagon, DeMint in driver's seat LAURIE KELLMAN, Associated Press
WASHINGTON (AP) — He calls himself Sen. Tea Party.
That almost says it all about Sen. Jim DeMint's role on the nation's political scene in these nervous days of debt limit warfare and pre-election posturing.
But unlike the fractious movement as a whole, DeMint is specific and focused on what change, exactly, he wants: passage — not just a vote — of a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution. Without it, he says, no consideration should be given to raising the nation's borrowing limit. Even, he says, if the country runs out of money for paying all its bills after Aug. 2. ... Dittos!!!

Sen. Rubio: "Save the Whole House or It Will All Burn Down" video
On the Senate Floor Sen. Rubio discusses the debt and engages in a debate with Sen. John Kerry.


The 5000 year leap : Principles of Freedom inspired by our Founding Fathers video



With a brilliant use of comical analogies, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) exposes the true nature of the "savings" in the Reid Debt Plan that President Obama was so quick to embrace.




Sessions: Tea Party Didn't Start This Fire - They Sounded the Alarm video
In his speech on the Senate floor, Sessions stood up for the Tea Party and those who share their concerns: "You'll forgive me if I'm a little concerned by all these attacks on the Tea Party. They didn't start this fire—they sounded the alarm. Before the last election, when Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress by substantial majorities, every conversation was about increasing spending...
But, after the 2010 election, and the emergence of the Tea Party... we have finally begun to look at Washington's spending problem. Now, instead of just raising the debt ceiling with no spending cuts—as the White House initially and repeatedly demanded—we're talking about how to cut some spending."


Can Obama Raise the Debt Ceiling Alone? fox video
FBN's Judge Napolitano on the 14th Amendment and if it gives President Obama the right to adjust the debt ceiling alone - NO!


Now Gov’t Trying to Ban Sale of Your Supplements By Chris Gonsalves
Sen. Orrin Hatch blasted a new bill that health experts are calling a government takeover of the vitamin industry.
New legislation proposed by Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., earlier this month would crack down on the testing, labeling, and sale of dietary supplements nationwide.
“I don’t know why we should add more regulation when what we have on the books is working,” Hatch, a Utah Republican, told Newsmax.
The increased regulation almost certainly will deny many Americans easy, affordable access to the natural health products they rely on daily, experts warn.
This unnecessary power grab would benefit FDA regulators and pharmaceutical companies by taking their competitors off the market, and it would harm the American public,” says Michelle Minton, director of the Insurance Studies Project at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a Washington D.C. watchdog group.
Sens. Durbin and Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., quietly submitted the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act of 2011 over the July 4th weekend.
Despite its innocuous title, the bill would force a massive reclassification of food additives and dietary supplements to be managed by the Food and Drug Administration.
Durbin’s bill was made public on the same day the FDA issued proposed new guidelines that would alter the way the agency approves and polices vitamins and dietary supplements. ...
NOTE: You need to call your reps on this!


This is a must read!
If Anti-Israel Propaganda Becomes Too Ridiculous Will Nobody Believe it? - by Barry Rubin
And if once-prestigious publications publish material that borders on satire will they be discredited?
This article in The Economist, once considered the world’s greatest international magazine for serious news and business analysis is so horrendous that I admit to laughing hysterically while reading it.
The opening sentence is priceless. Innocent Palestinian kids are just going to get water and for no reason at all Israeli soldiers start shooting them down in cold blood. If such an incident had ever happened, it would be everywhere in the mass media. Yet no date or place is mentioned, making it certain that this is fabricated or, more likely, the journalist merely writing down what he was told by Palestinians.
Then the reporter quotes an Israeli settler as saying that the soldiers should maim Palestinians more. No name, no place, no date. This one the journalist himself must have made up.
That’s the best line I have read since a USA Today reporter (later fired for making stuff up) wrote of how a settler was going out to kill Palestinians so he put on his kipa before he went out the door. [Note: Orthodox Jews always wear a kepah or hat even when at home not murdering Palestinians.]
When the individual named in the USA Today article as having been at least an attempted murderer protested to the newspaper that it was ridiculously inaccurate, they ignored him only to find out later that the reporter did make things up on other stories (and fiddled his expense accounts, too) and fired him.
If The Economist has reached the level of bias once achieved in Germany during the 1930s, what possible hope is there for the mass media? Remember, it isn’t just a writer’s work but also the acceptance of it by editors and the use of that person in future employment.
All of this raises an intriguing question: If the lies become continually larger and more glaringly ridiculous will such stuff lose credibility? Will anyone in authority recognize that such incitement does lead to hatred, terrorism, and even murder (or its justification)?
I’m not answering the question, I’m just asking it.
Note: We have "journalists" with this same biased mentality writing the news you read ON EVERY SUBJECT!!!! Including the politics in the USA!!!

MSNBC Morning Joe: Obama Has Been Invisible In Debt Debate video
Obama gets called out for not takign part in the debt crisis on Capitol Hill

Bachmann: 'We Have To Stop Making Raising the Debt Limit Routine' video
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) said that routinely raising the debt limit is a problem that needs to stop, and that defunding Obamacare is vital to the nation's current and long-term fiscal health.



ISLAM’S 20 YEAR PLAN FOR AMERICA – so how’s it going so far?
I first posted this list in 2008. It seems that over this last year muslims have made more gains than ever in their quest to Islamize (destroy) America.
by Dr. Anis Shorrosh,
This is my analysis of the Islamic invasion of America, the agenda of Islamists and visible methods to take over America by the year 2020! Will Americans continue to sleep through this invasion as they did when we were attacked on 9/11?
1. Terminate America’s freedom of speech by replacing it with hate crime bills state-wide and nation-wide.
2. Wage a war of words using black leaders like Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jesse Jackson and other visible religious personalities to promote Islam as the original African-American’s religion while Christianity is for the whites! Strange enough, no one tells the African-Americans that it was the Arab Muslims who captured them and sold them as slaves, neither the fact that in Arabic the word for black and slave is the same, “Abed.”
3. Engage the American public in dialogues, discussions, debates in colleges, universities, public libraries, radio, TV, churches and mosques on the virtues of Islam. Proclaim how it is historically another religion like Judaism and Christianity with the same monotheistic faith.
4. Nominate Muslim sympathizers to political office for favorable legislation to Islam and support potential sympathizers by block voting. ...

From Hitler to Soros
Uploaded by laroucheyouth on Mar 9, 2009
03/06/09 --LPACTV: George soros, the main funder and founder of the International Criminal Court, refers to his days of running around for the nazis, delivering the equivalent of death warrants and confiscating the riches of his fellow Jews as "the happiest days of my life."
The ICC indictment of the President of Sudan must not be tolerated; real justice would put Soros on trial.


It's Going to Get Worse
Two years ago, I made this prediction on Sunday Square Off.
"I don’t want to be a doomsayer or anything, but it looks to me like the world is headed for financial collapse.
Let’s face it Americans can’t afford this much government. The American standard of living is being propped up by government expenditures that are being financed by nearly one trillion dollars in Chinese loans. Americans in turn use these Chinese loans to buy Chinese goods—so our huge trade deficit is financed by our huge national debt. That’s about as sustainable as investors lining up to flip houses the town of Maricopa.
Voters of both parties support candidates who will give them the most goodies—but the federal government can’t afford to buy your old car, finance your new house, or replace your eighty- year old knee.
The deficit in president Bush’s final year was an outrageous 400 Billion dollars…the White House projects that in President Obama’s first year the deficit will be four times higher—one point six trillion dollars.
I don’t have a solution. It’s not like either political party is actually willing to balance the budget. All I can say is that in the not too distant future, it’s all going to come crashing down and it’s not going to be pretty.
I don't know much about financial markets, but I know a lot about politics and the day after that prediction, I moved a third of my IRA into gold funds--and since then, have earned a tidy 70% return.
And it's still a good time to buy.
I can assure you that there is no way that Washington is going to fix this problem in time to avoid an economic collapse. Let's take Arizona as an example. We had a collapse in revenue at a time when the House, Senate and Governor's office were all controlled by Republicans--and dominated by Conservative Republicans. We also have a balanced budget amendment and a cap on debt. What did we do? Raised taxes a billion dollars, and borrowed as much as possible. It took years before we saw real cuts and that was only after we had exhausted every conceivable option.
Now take that scenario and apply it to Washington. Is Congress ever going to be as conservative as the Arizona Legislature? Will the US ever have a balanced budget amendment or a debt moratorium? The answer is clearly no. So will the folks in DC ever be able to fix this problem? No. They don't have the tools or the political will. And frankly, the populace won't accept real cuts. The Boehner cuts are nothing and yet Congress has melted down.
So what's going to happen? Collapse of the Soverign debt markets. In 50 years when we look back on the current crisis, the financial collapse of 2008 will only be a point on the time line--just like the crash in 1929 is a point on a time line that goes all the way to WWII.
How long is the current time line? I have no idea. It's possible that Republicans will take over in 2012 and will be able to cut the growth of spending, bend the debt curve and at the same time repeal the growth-killing policies of the last few decades*. That may buy us a few years. However, the current political system can't solve the current economic crisis.
So the system will collapse and then Washington will eventually have no other choice but to really fix it.
That's why I was telling people to buy gold two years ago. That's why I'm telling people to buy gold now. The current crisis is only a hint of things to come.
I don't know anything about financial markets. But I know a lot about politics.
*Footnote: One of the things I do in the real world is work with transmission lines and power plants. The rule of thumb with a transmission line used to be that building one costs about a million dollars a mile. That was 10 years ago. Now the rule is that the PERMITTING PROCESS costs a million dollars a mile.

Mark Steyn: ‘Life on this planet' about to change By MARK STEYN
That thoughtful observer of the passing parade, Nancy Pelosi, weighed in on the "debt ceiling" negotiations the other day: "What we're trying to do is save the world from the Republican budget. We're trying to save life on this planet as we know it today."
It's always good to have things explained in terms we simpletons can understand. After a while, all the stuff about debt-to-GDP ratio and CBO alternative baseline scenarios starts to give you a bit of a headache, so we should be grateful to the House Minority Leader for putting it in layman's terms: What's at stake is "life on this planet as we know it today." So, if right now you're living anywhere in the general vicinity of this planet, it's good to know Nancy's in there pitching for you.
What about life on this planet tomorrow? How's that look if Nancy gets her way? The Democrat model of governance is to spend four trillion dollars while only collecting two trillion, borrowing the rest from tomorrow. Instead of "printing money," we're printing credit cards and preapproving our unborn grandchildren. To facilitate this proposition, Washington created its own form of fantasy accounting: "baseline budgeting," under which growth-in-government is factored in to federal bookkeeping as a permanent feature of life. As Arthur Herman of the American Enterprise Institute pointed out this week, under present rules, if the government were to announce a spending freeze – that's to say, no increases, no cuts, everything just stays exactly the same – the Congressional Budget Office would score it as a $9 trillion savings. In real-world terms, there are no "savings," and there's certainly no $9 trillion. In fact, there isn't one thin dime. But nevertheless that's how it would be measured at the CBO. ...

Our Admiral Ackbar Moment — It Is A Trap Erick Erickson
As you wake up, here is what you need to know.
John Boehner thinks he has the votes to pass his third plan out of the House. Work to make sure he does not by going to and calling your member of Congress. Tell them to oppose Boehner’s plan.
Even if you are sympathetic to Boehner’s plan, here is why it must be killed — it is a trap.
Pay attention please.
Harry Reid and all the Senate Democrats have sent John Boehner a letter saying they will oppose his plan in the Senate. In other words, Boehner’s plan, given the GOP votes in the Senate pledged to vote against it, will get less votes in both the House and in the Senate than Cut, Cap, and Balance.
Here, though, is why it is important to kill John Boehner’s plan this very morning before today’s vote.
John Boehner’s plan will get to the Senate. Harry Reid’s plan isn’t even in final form and has not even started making its way through the Senate’s arcane processes. It is a trap.
Harry Reid will amend John Boehner’s plan and include parts of Reid’s own plan that make tax increases even more likely than Boehner’s already does. ...

The United States Debt Limit Explained - (CR) Heritage Foundation video

President Barack Obama takes debt battle to Twitter, loses more than 33,000 followers in one day


Why does the GOP allow the debate to be defined by the Left????
It's time for Republicans to go on offense



House Panel Begins Investigations Into FFC ‘Net Neutrality’ Collusion With White House, Special Interest Groups
Top Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee said Thursday they are investigating whether the Federal Communications Commission improperly coordinated with the White House and public interest groups in the development of the network neutrality rules adopted in December.
In a letter to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, the lawmakers cited instances where they say commission officials may have improperly met with the White House or outside groups to discuss the network neutrality rules. The FCC’s rules bar broadband providers from discriminating against Internet content, services or applications. President Obama endorsed the rules after they were adopted. ...

Future Girl AmericanFutureFund video 33 seconds

Why Is Cost of Illegal Immigration Ignored In Debt Ceiling Debate? By Bob Dane
No comprehensive financial fix can be complete without Congress demanding increased enforcement against illegal immigration and reducing legal immigration to sustainable levels.
Reforming immigration would tighten the labor market, open up jobs for legal U.S. residents, and reduce the overall fiscal strain that immigration imposes on health care, education and other social services.

Judge Judy - Here's Who You Support With Taxes video

US tax dollars remodeling mosques overseas video

WSB-TV.wmv video Atlanta TV Station - National Disgrace - US funded mosques

AGENDA - Trailer
Grinding America Down is absolutely the MOST IMPORTANT film you can watch today.
It was produced by Patriots Union member Curtis Bowers and it is the most complete honest assessment of what is happening in America today, who is behind it, where they came from and where they are headed.
EVERY American, but especially Veterans, should order and watch this film today! You cannot even pretend to confront this evil until you fully know and understand this evil.




Judicial News


Judiciary Committee Launches Probe of Kagan’s Involvement in Obamacare By Terence P. Jeffrey

Supreme Court Justice–Elena Kagan–is Pro Sharia Law! By Kevin A. Lehmann
Just when you thought all the talk about Barack Obama usurping the Constitution to bring the United States into compliance with the UN and the Sharia-dominated New International Order was little more than right-wing conspiratorial propaganda—Think Again! The “Appointed One,” in cunning Islamic style, is covering all the bases by laying the foundation, including placing an ally in the United States Supreme Court! ...

Congress Urges Review of Kagan Obamacare Role in Response to JW Disclosures 


>>>>>>> FAST AND FURIOUS <<<<<<<


White House Staffer Knew About Gun Running Operation Last Fall video


Bombshell: White House Knew About ATF Gunrunning Scandal
1:00 PM, JUL 27, 2011 • BY MARK HEMINGWAY
A few weeks ago, I wrote about the ATF's "Fast and Furious" or "Gunwalker" scandal, which appears to reach the highest levels of the Justice Department. Read the whole magazine article here, but the short version is that the Justice Department knowingly allowed thousands of weapons to fall in the hands of criminals in Mexico that were then used to kill U.S. law enforcement agents.
Well, today a bombshell dropped. It's not just the Justice Department that looks culpable -- it looks like the White House was briefed on the operation as well: ...

ATF agents denounce rogue guns transfers
ATF field agents working in Mexico broke ranks with their supervisors Tuesday during a rancorous five-hour House committee hearing, saying they were kept in the dark about a controversial undercover operation in which hundreds of guns ended up in the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

Operation Fast and Furious Probe: Testifiers Fast on Their Feet, Republicans Furious at Evasive Answers by Audrey Hudson

Obama DOJ Gave Cartel Enough Guns to Arm a Marine Regiment Katie Pavlich
“These guns went to ruthless criminals,” Carlos Canino, ATF Acting Attaché to Mexico said in testimony on Capitol Hill Tuesday regarding the scandal-plagued Operation Fast and Furious. “It’s alleged that over 2,000 guns were trafficked in this investigation. To put that in context, upon information and belief, the U.S. Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment has approximately 2,500 rangers. That means that as a result of this investigation, the Sinaloa cartel may have received almost as many guns that are needed to arm the entire regiment. Out of these 2,000 weapons, 34 were .50-caliber sniper rifles. That is approximately the number of sniper riles a Marine infantry regiment takes into battle.”

ATF Accused in Congressional Report of 'Arming' Cartel for 'War' Through Operation Fast and Furious By William Lajeunesse

Obama, Holder Busted in Gunwalker Cover-up by Roger Hedgecock

Worse Than Gunwalker? State Dept. Allegedly Sold Guns to Zetas by Bob Owens
It’s a stunning allegation that makes the other gunrunning scandals look like child’s play.

Gunwalker: Justice Dept. Inspector General Opens Investigation by Bob Owens
The IG is looking into charges of illegal retaliation against the ATF whistleblowers

Gunwalker: Testimony Reveals Eric Holder's Obfuscation Tactics by Patrick Richardson
ATF Acting Director Ken Melson's testimony shows just how far the DOJ has gone to impede the investigation and to protect political appointees.

The Real 'Under the Radar' Target of Operation Fast and Furious Russ Vaughn
This could go all the way to the top.
... Richard Nixon was forced to resign for a far less grievous offense; no one died by Nixon's hand, but two American agents are dead by the hand of whoever initiated this misguided program. If Republicans take control of the Senate in the 2012 elections, Barack Obama could be facing impeachment and conviction should the current House investigation into this scandal ultimately lead into the Oval Office and there find the smoking gun.
Contact your congressman and encourage him to support the House investigation, which Eric Holder is doing his very best to obstruct. The Chait email now makes Holder's obstruction understandable. Holder should be cited for contempt at the very least and according to the New York Times, "He's Impeachable, You Know."

Former mayor of New Mexico border town pleads guilty to gun smuggling charges
The former mayor of a small New Mexico border town has pleaded guilty to federal gun smuggling charges and faces up to 65 years in prison, prosecutors announced Wednesday. ...
Note: SO... how many years should Obama, Holder & cohorts get for running guns?????

Obama Orders Launched Fast and Furious video


“I earnestly pray that the Omnipotent Being who has not deserted the cause of America
in the hour of its extremest hazard, will never yield so fair a heritage of freedom
a prey to "Anarchy" or "Despotism"
”— George Washington


Please Buy Made in the USA products!!!!!
THINK ABOUT THIS: If each month, 200 million Americans each choose $20 of USA products and refuse to buy $20 of Chinese (foreign) goods, that's a billion dollar trade imbalance resolved in our! Unemployment would go down!

A Few Sources: www.USAonly.US | | Sourcemap | | Petriot | | | | | | | | | |

While the first three digits of the product barcode may sometimes indicate where the product was manufactured, it will not always do so. The barcode prefix is not a reliable and constant method of determining a product's country of manufacture.


The China Job Drain
The growth of the U.S. trade deficit with China since that country entered the World Trade Organization in 2001 has had a devastating effect on U.S. workers and the domestic economy. Between 2001 and 2008, 2.4 million U.S. jobs were lost or displaced. Using a new model, the study by the Economic Policy Institute reveals a first look at how the growing trade deficits cost jobs in every congressional district, including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. You can see data for all 437 districts by clicking on the states in the interactive map here.


Candidates & Election News

66 weeks remain, between this coming Tuesday, and election day, 2012,
when the fate of America, and the world, will be decided
PLEASE get involved! Become a PC! Run for an office!
Support the GOP and conservative candidates!


Governor Palin took it to President Obama today via Twitter, telling him, basically, that it's time to truly lead, like a woman (emphasis mine):
@BarackObama wants us to contact Congress. Great idea! Tell them to rein in our dangerously unsustainable debt to protect our credit rating.
@BarackObama wants us to support a "balanced deficit solution." Great idea! How about a balanced budget amendment?
@BarackObama you're wrong, threatening to throw seniors under the bus because you refuse to prioritize govt spending.Time to #womanup & lead
It's becoming increasingly clear that there is a woman who has determined that she will offer herself up to lead this nation. I know the talking heads and pundits want to make us believe that she's not going to run, that there's no room for her and Michele Bachmann, that it's Mitt Romney's turn. My prediction remains the same: she's running--and she'll win.

In besieged Mormon colony, Mitt Romney’s Mexican roots
The story of Mitt Romney’s family in Mexico presents a complex family portrait of the GOP presidential hopeful.
COLONIA JUAREZ, Mexico — Three dozen of Mitt Romney’s relatives live here in a narrow river valley at the foot of the western Sierra Madre mountains, surrounded by peach groves, apple orchards and some of the baddest, most fearsome drug gangsters and kidnappers in all of northern Mexico.
Like Mitt, the Mexican Romneys are descendants of Miles Park Romney, who came to the Chihuahua desert in 1885 seeking refuge from U.S. anti-polygamy laws. He had four wives and 30 children, and on the rocky banks of the Piedras Verdes River, he and his fellow Mormon pioneers carved out a prosperous settlement beyond the reach of U.S. federal marshals. He was Mitt’s great-grandfather.
Gaskell Romney, Mitt’s grandfather, settled in Mexico as well, and Mitt’s father, George Romney, was born in nearby Colonia Dublan — raising the possibility of a 2012 presidential race between two contenders whose fathers were born outside the United States.

Scott Conroy: Palin to Keynote Tea Party Rally in Iowa By Adrienne Ross
Tea Party rally in Waukee, Iowa, on Sept. 3

CNN Poll - 38% of DEMOCRATS disapprove of Obama because they think Obama is TOO Liberal. Prepare for Hillary 2012.

What Republicans Must Do to Win in 2012! by Ron Radosh
The GOP must show it has the interests of average Americans at heart and favors growth in the domestic economy that benefits them, not just large corporations.

AZ Attorney General Tom Horne announces redistricting commission investigation By Jim Small
Attorney General Tom Horne has announced his office has opened an investigation into the Independent Redistricting Commission in response to an investigation by Arizona Capitol Times and its sister publication, Yellow Sheet Report, that uncovered possible violations of the state’s open meeting and procurement laws.

Ron Paul Is A Vicious Anti-Semite and Anti-American and Conservatives Need To Wash Their Hands of Him BY DAVID HOROWITZ

Dems Oppose GOP Push to Tighten State Voting Laws
Democrats say GOP proposals to require voters to show ID would skew elections and limit the right to vote

The Undefeated Teaser Trailer  

NH Tea Party Organization Posts Truth About Candidate Perry
In 1988 Perry was Al Gore’s Democrat Chairman in Texas. He was a Democrat until 1989 

The Navy SEALS removed one Muslim threat to America …
Now It's up to the voters to remove the other!

Dictator dreams ... Obama: "Would Be Easier If I Could Do This Entirely On My Own" video
President Obama said at a town hall. And again to LaRaza!

Vetting Obama – “Palling Around With Terrorists” ***** Vetting for NEW election
Vetting Obama now that he’s started his 2012 Presidential Campaign is crucial and because the lame-stream government-controlled media won’t do it, we’re going to do it. Palling around with terrorists and despots is something Americans need to know. Spread the word.

President Obama is the new, cool version of the fifth-century Athenian Cleon.
The noun dêmagôgos first appeared in Thucydides’ history, mostly in a neutral, only slight disparaging way (usually in reference to the obstreperous Cleon), in its literal sense of “leader of the people.”
But very soon — in later fifth- and fourth-century authors (e.g., Aristophanes, Xenophon, Aristotle, the Attic orators) — both the concrete and the abstract nouns (demagogue and demagogy/demagoguery) and the verb (to demagogue) became ever more pejorative, describing crass popular leaders who alternately flattered and incited the masses (ochlos). Their trick was to obtain and expand their own personal power by clever rhetoric directed against the better off, coupled with promises of more entitlements for the “poor” paid for by a demonized “them.” ...

The Video Congress Does Not Want You To See being an elected official can be lurative!



How Can YOU make a BIG Difference in the Elections???
Become a PC!!! A Precinct Committeeman!!
Watch this video




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"Evil unchecked grows. Evil tolerated poisons the whole system."


An undocumented obama

The king by judgment establisheth the land:
but he that receiveth gifts overthroweth it.
Proverbs 29:4


51 Bullet-Pointed Facts That Dispute Barack Obama’s Identity & Eligibility to be President of The USA! This is an excellent report!

BREAKING! Obama BC to be Examined in Hawaii on August 8th! - Court Order - Freedom Friday


Confessions of a Birther Evangelist By William Lolli
I am an information technologist by trade and a Birther evangelist by proclivity.
When discussing or debating the Birther issues with a newbie, in addition to a transfer education in law, the Constitution, the jurisprudencial system, and history, I frequently am a witness to the real-time acting out of the Kübler-Ross behavioral model of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.
For the duration of the discussion, the political spectrum orientation of the listener doesn't seem to matter, since the topical reactions and counter-bullet points are always the same.
The debates are never linear, but desultory. And the satisfaction is in the observation of dominant human nature as it dictates the repetition of behavioral responses to Birther political stimuli.
Discussions with actual politicos, such as direct talks with Congressman Brian Bilbray, are particularly revealing, in that one presupposes that once the facts are discussed, there is a presumption that the revelation of truths will result in a commensurately engaged moral action. But this is not so.
Most people mildly exposed to Birther issues are stuck in the denial stage. However, anger erupts once the message sinks in that Barack Obama's April 27, 2011 LFBC (long-form birth certificate) is forged, that multiple criminal acts have been perpetuated, and that both political parties and all branches of government are culpable. ...

The birth certificate please! Subpoena to be delivered By Jerome R. Corsi © 2011 WND
Attorney, doc experts to show up at Hawaii Department of Health with court document
Computer scanning expert Doug Vogt and typesetting expert Paul Irey say they will accompany attorney Orly Taitz when she presents to the Hawaii Department of Health a subpoena that should allow her to examine Barack Obama's original 1961 typewritten birth certificate.
Vogt and Irey both told WND they are making travel plans to join Taitz in Honolulu when she goes to the state agency at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 8, to present the subpoena in person.
"We will plan to hold a press conference late in the day of Aug. 8," Vogt said, "and if the document we see varies from the birth certificate documents the White House released, we plan to file criminal charges in Hawaii immediately." ...

Adobe Expert Mara Zebest Explains Obama's Forged Birth Certificate - 7/27/11

Arizona Tea Party Groups Overwhelmingly Pass Motion for Rep. Franks to Open Congressional Investigation into Obama's Eligibility

Layered colors 'simple proof' of Obama document forgery Posted: July 26, 2011 By Jerome R. Corsi © 2011 WND
Software designer explains: 'No scanner has X-ray vision'
Why are there white dots on the Obama birth certificate, and how did they get there?
These are questions asked by Tom Harrison, a software designer with more than 30 years experience in graphic design. Harrison – a 58 year-old Dartmouth graduate with a background in mathematics, physics and computer science – believes the dots prove the document is a forgery.
The Oregon-based computer software business he manages, TS4, has done general computer consulting, embedded design, software and web design, and integration and networking since 1980.

World Guides website claims Obama born in Kisumu, Kenya - with pics of brochure!

Experts: Registrar stamps confirm Obama forgery
Evidence points to cut-and-paste sham, not actual copy of 1961 birth document
...The registrar stamps appear to be external objects that were imported into the document. The stamps were not impressions copied whole, the experts believe, but were created uniquely for the Obama document by a cut-and-paste process. ...

Evidence that we have a fraud and a usurper currently residing in the people’s White House is overwhelming, despite the overt lack of journalistic investigating on the part of the American press. But now new evidence indicates that the conspiracy to carry out that fraud was much broader than originally thought.
The story of whom and what Barack Hussein Obama II really is – is a forty-year story that requires a book, not a column, to tell. Strong evidence suggests that he was being groomed from a very young age for the moment in history that would end American supremacy in the world, and usher in a new era of Global Marxist Governance.
But there was a major hurdle that had to be overcome - the U.S. Constitution, in this case, Article II – Section I – Clause V specifically, which requires that “no person except a natural-born citizen of the United States” can hold the office of President. – Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the United States…and may not even be a legal citizen of the United States. So, how can he be President?
This column focuses upon the period 2003-2008 and the political maneuvers that took place in order to make way for America’s first unconstitutional resident of the White House. ...

White House operative heading 'birther' smear campaign? By Jerome R. Corsi
Former Fannie Mae chief allegedly manages 100-strong attack team from Pennsylvania Ave
This is the third in a series of continuing articles aimed at exposing the "OBOTs" – radical supporters of Barack Obama dedicated to disrupting people who question Obama's eligibility to be president. ...

'Irrefutable' proof of Obama forgery
Document details show typewriter had variable type way back in 1961?
"These are irrefutable proofs of forgery,"
he said.

Ex-CIA: 'Forged document' released as birth certificate
Gen. Paul Vallely: Congress afraid to probe 'possible felony' over fears of 'black backlash'
... "We've had three CIA agents, retired, and some of their analytical associates look at it, and all came to the same conclusion, that even the long-form was a forged document," Vallely said. ...

What every Jew needs to know about Obama video - NOT JUST JEWS!!!!!!!
Barack Obama is truly awe inspiring - in his ability to shift his political positions. He has tried to be all things to all people; more than any politician has ever had the chutzpah to try before! But, if you think this guy is going to end up as a friend of Jews or of Israel... well, let's just say I wish I had your powers of imagination. Have the guts to watch this video - whether you're Jewish or not - and then tell me if you still have the ability to believe such a thing. You

Investigation reveals numerous bogus claims on Obama resume Anthony Martin, Conservative Examiner April 3, 2010
In what is being called 'the biggest hustle in human history,' a special investigation has discovered numerous bogus claims on Barack Obama's resume, including the outright lie that he was a 'Constitutional scholar and professor.'
The claim turns out to be false. ... much more! ...




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World News

"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." - Winston Churchill


Palestinian Corruption and Humanitarian Aid --- FreeMiddleEast video
The Palestinian Authority is accused of corruption by many but receives more humanitarian aid per capita than any other country in the world. The billions of dollars that are meant for schools, hospitals and infrastructure have been spent on luxury villas, casinos and payments to terrorists.



Australia News from Down Under


Merv Bendle - Australia’s media crisis
While the government seeks to control the traditional media the ABC allows and indeed encourages cyber-bullying on a massive scale that wouldn’t be allowed anywhere else in the community.

Green Agenda

Green agenda has parrallels with excesses of communism

Doomed Planet
“Today’s debate about global warming is essentially a debate about freedom. The environmentalists would like to mastermind each and every possible (and impossible) aspect of our lives.” Vaclav Klaus Blue Planet in Green Shackles
Malcolm Turnbull's climate politics by Bob Carter
Which “science” and which “morality”, Malcolm?
In a Sydney lecture last week, shadow communications minister Malcolm Turnbull again shared with us his strange views on the scientific method, and his doctrinaire opinion that a market-based carbon dioxide scheme should form the core of national climate policy.
Mr Turnbull positions himself as a moderate on the issue of dangerous global warming, but in fact he supports the same extreme view as do environmental activists on the hard left.
His rusted on belief that dangerous global warming is being caused by human-related carbon dioxide emissions probably dates back to his days as Minister for Environment under Mr Howard. Then, like all new recruits to that portfolio, his views on iconic environmental issues will have been captured by the usual “”Yes, Minister” clique of bureaucrats and official science advisers – doubtless wielding the snazzy computer simulations that are so loved by science junketeers.
The scientific method
Writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, political journalist Michelle Grattan says that no one could doubt that Mr. Turnbull means what he says about the science of global warming, which is this:
As Liberals, we have to state our environmental case, and our position on the right approach to deal with climate change, on the basis that we are supporting the science - that is our policy.
There is, of course, no such thing as “the science”, on either global warming or anything else. What Mr. Turnbull was presumably trying to express was his belief that public policy should be based upon application of the scientific method. ...

The Australian The Australian

Julia and Malcolm, would you please stop verballing Mrs Thatcher Janet Albrechtsen

Carbon cop handed tough new powers
Sid Maher A NEW carbon cop will be given powers to enter company premises, compel individuals to give self-incriminating evidence and copy sensitive records.


Sharia poster boy patcondell video Andy Choudary again.

Military command in Turkey resigns en mass
Istanbul - The entire military command in Turkey has tabled its resignation due to a dispute with the government over the imprisonment of military generals on charges of panning a coup.

Egypt's Islamists Rally for More Clout By MATT BRADLEY
CAIRO—Tens of thousands of people descended Friday on downtown Cairo in one of the largest Islamist demonstrations in Egypt's history, an effort to show political unity among Muslim groups and challenge efforts to limit their power.
Thousands of Egyptians gather in Cairo's Tahrir Square to rally for prosecution of Mubarak, while Islamists make their presence felt with strong turnout. Video courtesy of Reuters.
In the march, a broad range of Islamist groups called for the establishment of Islamic law in Egypt and protested moves by secularist politicians to prevent them from influencing the drafting of a new constitution. ...

EGYPT: Islamists in. Democracy lovers out. Arab Spring turns dark and cold.
“We are all Osama bin Laden.” At a huge rally in Tahrir Square, it became apparent that Islamic radicals had hijacked the revolution from the liberal pro-Democracy contingent.
Is Barack Obama smiling? Anderson Cooper? ...
It isn't Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you

Breivik and Totalitarian Democrats CAROLINE GLICK
Last Friday morning, Anders Breivik burst onto the international screen when he carried out a monstrous act of terrorism against his fellow Norwegians. Breivik bombed the offices housing the Norwegian government with the intention of murdering its leaders. He then travelled to the Utoya Island and murdered scores of young people participating in a summer program sponsored by Norway's ruling party.
In all, last Friday Breivik murdered 76 people. Most of them were teenagers.
Although Breivik has admitted to his crimes, there are still some important questions that remain unanswered. For instance, we still do not know if he acted alone. Breivik claims that there are multiple cells of his fellow terrorists ready to attack. But so far, no one has found evidence to support his claim. We also still do not know if - for all his bravado - Breivik was acting on his own initiative or as an agent for others. ...

LATMA The tent protest and the poor, Israel apologizes to everyone video


No Prizes for Erdogan CAROLINE GLICK
Shortly after Turkey's Islamist Prime Minister Recip Erdogan came to power in 2002, he began undermining Turkey's strategic alliance with Israel. Erdogan officially ended the alliance last May when he sent the IHH, an al Qaeda-aligned, Turkish NGO affiliated with his Islamist AKP Party to lead the pro-Hamas flotilla to Gaza.
Aboard the Mavi Marmara, IHH members violently attacked IDF naval commandos who boarded the ship in order to prevent it from breaking Israel's lawful maritime blockade of the Hamas-controlled Gaza coast. In the life and death battle that ensued, nine of the IHH assailants were killed.
By attempting to break Israel's lawful blockade, passengers aboard the Mavi Marmara and the rest of the ships in the flotilla were engaged in illicit acts of war against the Jewish state and providing illicit aid and comfort to an illegal terrorist organization. In supporting and arguably organizing the flotilla, including the Mavi Marmara, Erdogan himself was waging an unlawful war against Israel. ...

This article is a must read...
Norway Premier “Begged” Putin To Stop Massacre Planned By “Elites” by EU Times on Jul 25th, 2011 A startling Federal Security Service (FSB) report on the 22 July massacre in Norway states that two-days prior to this catastrophic attack Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg [photo top right with Putin] placed an “urgent” call to Putin “begging” Russia’s leader to help stop the events that left nearly 100 innocent civilians dead.
According to the FSB, Stoltenberg first learned of this plot against his country this past Wednesday after reading a “top secret” report prepared for him by the Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS) on the late March computer attack against Norway’s top military leaders that showed them involved in a conspiracy with Britain’s MI5 Security Service and the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to launch a “two-phase” attack upon Norway modeled after false-flag operations in both Australia and America in the mid-nineties.
The false-flag operations being modeled in Norway were based on the 19 April 1995 bombing attack on the Oklahoma Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building said caused a lone right-wing Christian fundamentalist who used a fertilizer bomb that killed 168, and the 28 April 1996 Port Arthur massacre in Australia where a lone gunman killed 35 mainly because the police failed to show up in a timely manner, and which the aftermath of both attacks caused a fundamental shift away from freedoms and liberties these peoples once enjoyed.
The FSB further reports that this false-flag attack on Norway was a “clear textbook example” of an Operation Northwoods operation designed and prepared by US Military experts. Operation Northwoods was a series of false-flag proposals that originated within the United States government in 1962. The proposals called for the CIA or other operatives, to commit acts of terrorism in US cities and elsewhere in order to influence public opinion and have been used by many Western governments over these past five decades.
FSB experts note in this report that the false-flag attacks on Norway further mirror those of Oklahoma City and Port Arthur in: 1.) A large vehicle holding a powerful fertilizer bomb was able to gain undetected entrance to a protected government centre; 2.) The armed police response to an ongoing massacre of civilians was delayed for reasons still not explained; 3.) A lone suspect has been indentified as the sole perpetrator of the attacks contrary to witness statements that more people were involved; 4.) The lone suspect is denied the right to an open hearing before the public.
This report also notes that within hours of these attacks occurring, a “virtual flood” of information relating to the suspected mastermind of this massacre was released indentifying him as a “blond-haired blue-eyed” Norwegian named Anders Behring Breivik and caricatured as a right-wing Christian fundamentalist. A person which (coincidentally?) the United States had warned barely 24-hours earlier in a video released by their Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was the type of person they feared most would carry out such a terror attack.
The critical problem with the flood of information being released on/or by Breivik, the FSB asserts, is to what is true and what isn’t. This issue was made even more important by American computer experts noting that the Facebook page said belonging to Breivik appears to have been faked, and as they note: ...

Karma?: Norway Camp Breivik Shot Up Celebrated HAMAS, Jew-Hatred By Debbie Schlussel
**** UPDATE: Karma #2: Norway Utoya Camp Was Also FATAH PLO Terrorist Camp ****
It’s trite but true: a picture’s worth a thousand words. And the Norwegian newspaper pictures from the “political youth camp” at Utoya Island, Norway–the day before terrorist Anders Behring Breivik attacked it–say it all. The boycott sign is obvious, and the other pic is a game, re-enacting of the HAMAS flotilla in which terrorists tried to murder Israeli soldiers (complete with Palestinian flags and Norwegian kids’ smiles). These kids who were killed by a terrorist . . . well, they sided with Islamic terrorists. Look at the photos brought to our attention by Zalmi’s Weblog, and they appeared on Norwegian news site Politisk, right before the attacks. Read all the insightful details provided by the astute Zalmi, who notes that the man in the pic happily encountering the boycott sign is Norway’s Foreign Minister Gahre-Store, who went on to praise Palestinian terrorists and condemn Israel.

Ah, the powerful sulphuric stench off the fetid blossoms of the Islamic spring.
And here we have more poisonous fruit from the mainstream media's pounding propaganda campaign that paved the way for an Islamic sharia state in Egypt. The media couldn't help themselves. Endlessly blathering on Liberty! Democracy! Jihad! Sharia! (though it hardly rolled off the tongue, more like they choked on it.) And still no mea culpa by the media. They suffered a sort of tourette syndrome even throwing their female journalists (ie Lara Logan.)

Syria update: Syrian embassy in US is threatening protesters!

10 Unknown West Bank Facts video
In only 2-minutes you'll learn the history of the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) that you have probably never heard.






Police Open Fire on Spontaneous Protest in China
Police opened fire at civilians on Tuesday afternoon in southwestern China after thousands spontaneously gathered ..

Beijing Makes Net Cafes Spy on Its Behalf By Gary Pansey & Veronica Wong Epoch Times
Any public businesses in several Beijing districts that offer wireless Internet, such as coffee shops, hotels, and bars, must now install user monitoring software, the Communist Party’s Public Security Bureau has decreed. The cost—20,000 yuan or US$3,000—is to be footed by the businesses themselves.

United Against Nuclear Iran EYE ON IRAN

U.S. Accuses Iran of Aiding al-Qaeda

Iran Revolutionary Guards' Commander Set to Become President of Opec

LIVE FREE OR DIE video - can you imagine living in this oppressive state of Iran????

Eye on the UN EYE ON THE UN

UN Negotiators in New York Produce New Durban III Outrages by Anne Bayefsky Fox News.
Member states of the U.N. General Assembly are busy hammering out how to slam Israel and restrict human rights like free speech at “Durban III” – the racist “anti-racism” event to be held in New York on Sept. 22.
With the recent pull-outs by the Czech Republic, Italy and the Netherlands added to the previously declared boycotts by the United States, Canada and Israel, negotiations at U.N. Headquarters continued Thursday over how offensive the final declaration of Durban III can become without more countries following suit.
The Durban III conference will commemorate the 10th anniversary of the conference held in Durban, South Africa, in September 2001. That event produced the Durban Declaration, which accused just one country on earth of racism, namely Israel. No negotiations, therefore, can hide the fact that Durban III is a commemoration – in the words of the authorizing General Assembly resolution – of a conference and an outcome remembered most notably for its overt anti-Semitism. ...

UN security council to consider climate change peacekeeping

Understanding UN Bias Against Israel-- Invitation to Durban 3 NYC Sept 21 video *****



Time for a chuckle!




Accuracy in Media Accuracy In Media / USA Survival / Cliff Kincaid

Media’s Disgraceful Coverage of Debt-Ceiling Debate By Roger Aronoff | July 29, 2011
The general performance of the media during the debt ceiling debate has been atrocious.

Searching For Sharia By Val Jensen | July 29, 2011
The adamant position of Professor Asifa Quraishi of the University of Wisconsin Law School is that Sharia is a “way of life” which takes shape in everyday activities such as dietary norms, praying five times a day, doing good and tithing, which are in many ways no different than religious customs of Jews and Christians.

How Polling is Affecting Our Country By "Senator Bob" Smith | July 27, 2011
Wouldn’t it be ironic if we lost our liberties, not because the press abused the First Amendment, but because the politicians did?

Take AIM airs Thursdays on BlogTalkRadio. You can listen live or download each episode after it airs and listen to it later, or subscribe to the iTunes podcast. See all archived episodes of Take AIM here

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AFP Americans for Prosperity AFP

President Obama wants to control all the land and all the water in the United States.
Legislation that would have deleted the word "navigable" from the federal Clean Water Act and given the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers jurisdiction over every drop of moisture in the country crashed and burned last Congress, ending the 36-year congressional career of its lead sponsor, Jim Oberstar, in the process.
But Obama's EPA, as usual, won't take no for an answer, and is now attempting to ignore two Supreme Court decisions, commonsense, and the American people and vastly expand federal Clean Water Act jurisdiction via a guidance document. A bipartisan group of 170 members of Congress told them not to, but they are doing it anyway.
If the EPA and Army Corps succeed, they can exercise effective control over all land and water in the United States. The green groups are fired up and pouring comments into the docket supporting this outrageous power grab, and we need to fight back.
Click here to tell the EPA and the Army Corps to STOP their back door assault on private property rights.
The docket closes on July 31st, there is no time to spare. Please take action today!

Welcome to Obamacare Part VI: "When a health plan’s participation in an exchange is conditioned on adhering to page after page of federal mandates and restrictions, exchanges can be used as a tool to expand bureaucratic control over health care." Read more about the regulations in health insurance exchanges

LibertyLinked. With the future of our country at stake, the conservative movement needs grassroots groups to come together and utilize existing relationships in the fight to preserve and protect our liberties. LibertyLinked is the conservative activist platform that gives you cutting edge tools to connect, equip and mobilize your group to maximize their impact.
LibertyLinked tools will enhance your group's capability to:
Increase your group's membership and multiply their participation.
Maximize turnout at your events on the movement-wide calendar.
Create subgroups by geography or interest with our tiered groups feature.
Post on LibertyLinked and automatically message to Facebook and Twitter.
Make your calls to action more effective by micro-targeting your message.
Find volunteers with the skill sets your events require.
Hold your local, state and federal representatives accountable.
Leverage your activists’ relationships to expand the conservative electorate.
Build teams in every precinct to elect shared-value candidates.
Click here to join LibertyLinked now, and invite your friends and fellow activists to do the same!

Tell Congress to Vote NO on Natural Gas Subsidies!
Republicans rightly rejected President Obama's pet project to subsidize electric vehicles, but now Democrats and Republicans are dangerously close to subsidizing natural gas vehicles. Urge your legislators to reject the special tax treatment for natural gas vehicles in the NAT GAS Act, H.R. 1380! Click here to sign the petition now.

AFP Foundation partners with Leadership Institute to launch Online Training.
Americans for Prosperity Foundation is committed to mobilizing citizens as advocates in the public policy process in the name of limited government and free markets on the local, state and federal levels. By participating in this FREE, on-demand, online training program provided by the Leadership Institute, you will learn tried and true methods and be provided with cutting-edge materials that will help us win for our shared values on all levels of government and take back this country.


The American Thinker The American Thinker

Obama's Ineptitude By Steve McCann
At a critical time in its history, the country has as its president a man unqualified and unable to lead. Even the left has begun to finally question their allegiance to Barack Obama, and more importantly, his allegiance to them. More Americans, some in the media, are openly asking if the president is a liar, with the word mendacity frequently used in describing his actions. In the debt ceiling debate, he has shown not only his narcissistic side, but his complete lack of principles and indifference to the plight of the American citizens and the future of the country.
Today the United States finds itself adrift on a roiling sea of uncertainty; its economy floundering under the weight of oppressive debt and mismanagement, its status in world affairs at its lowest ebb since the beginning of the 20th century, and its citizens openly questioning the future.
Barack Obama is a man without a core, leaving the ship of state rudderless in the management of foreign affairs and domestic policy, which have spun dangerously out of control over the past two and half years.
A cursory examination of Mr. Obama's life and accomplishments reveals a man whose life has been centered around the discovery of two personal attributes (as detailed in his autobiography Dreams from My Father): his ability to deliver a speech, and his skin color in a nation obsessed with guilt for the past. His writings and the sharing of a strong anti-colonialist sentiments with his father portray an overwhelming sense of entitlement due solely to his paternal African descent. ...

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AtlasShrugs Atlas Shrugs



More outrageous surrender demanded of our brave troops by the complicit elite in the Obama administration. Respect for the sharia? Respect for the dehumanization and diminishment of women? Respect for honor killings? Islamic antisemitism? Ethnic cleansing? Gender apartheid? Hatred of non-Muslims? Homicide bombings? Jihad?
Respect for sharia? WTH are our troops doing over there if respect for the sharia is US foreign policy?

NY Judge Gives Ground Zero Mosquestrosity the Nod: Last Legal Challenge Removed
We are thrilled to announce that Ezra Levant, one of the leading lights in the West defending freedom of speech against encroaching Islamic blasphemy laws, will be speaking at our Freedom Rally on the tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks against America at Ground Zero.
Ezra Levant is a TV anchor, newspaper columnist, author, and lawyer. He was the founding publisher of the Western Standard magazine, the only Canadian media outlet to publish the Danish cartoons of Muhammed. That led to two charges of “hate speech” before the Alberta government’s human rights commission.
There is only one place to be on the tenth anniversary of the bloodiest and biggest attack on American soil in our nation's history -- Ground Zero. Be there; your civilization needs you.



The Blaze .com The Blaze 

Former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones was in Washington DC for another "Rebuild The Dream" rally. When the cameras approached, Mr. Jones was ready with new, violent rhetoric talking points. Watch the video


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Big Gov - Breitbart | Big Government | Big Peace | Big Journalism |

Kyle Olson: Indoctrination Fridays: ‘Three Little Pigs’ Slaughtered by Leftists
This is one part of a running series entitled “Indoctrination Fridays,” a weekly review of leftist propaganda incorporated into public school curriculum, much of it geared towards elementary students.

Tea Party Lawmakers Are the Only Honest Brokers in Washington by Kevin L. Martin
While President Obama, Senate Democrats and inside the beltway Republicans remain addicted to spending more money they do not have, a brave bloc of Congressional Members have stood up and said, “no”.

Institute for Energy Research (IER): President Obama And Gulf Oil Drilling: Here’s How To Create Hundreds Of Thousands of Jobs and Tens of Billion in Wealth

Faith J. H. McDonnell: Iran To Help Sudan Kill Black Africans


Canada Free Press Canada Free Press

Center for Security Policy Center for Security Policy


Frank Gaffney: Anti-American Activities (A Cold War-Style Effort to Root Out 'Civilization Jihad') *****
It is not exactly news that the Obama presidency is determined to go to unprecedented lengths to mollify, appease and otherwise pander to what it calls the “Muslim world.” But the question has begun to occur: At what point do these efforts cross the line from a misbegotten policy to one that is downright anti-American – hostile to our values, incompatible with our vital interests and at odds with our Constitution?
The evidence is rapidly accumulating that we have reached that point.

Competitive Enterprise Institute CEI - Competitive Enterprise Institute Free Markets and Limited Government

Happy Meals
In response to pressure from health advocates, McDonald's has begun substituting apple slices for french fries in Happy Meals.
Senior Counsel Hans Bader comments.
"McDonald’s food gets demonized, but it’s not unusually unhealthy for restaurant fare. The foie gras served in fancy restaurants is much fattier than hamburgers. Quiche Lorraine is also fattier than a hamburger. I lost 10 pounds while working at McDonald’s."

A recent flash mob in Walmart was treated civilly by store employees; meanwhile, a recent silent dancing protest at the Jefferson Memorial was broken up by arrests.
Research Associate Grant Babcock points to these two instances as a prime illustration of government's cohersive power.
"We would think it suspicious if the government owned a TV station and invited protesters to speak their minds so long as they kept to certain rules; we ought to regard protests on government-owned land with similar suspicion. We value private and independent journalism outlets; we ought to value private and independent places of assembly in the same way.
The central myth here is that government does not have a bias. Government has a pro-government bias, just like Walmart has a pro-Walmart bias. The difference is that Walmart’s revenue is dependent on serving its customers and the government’s is dependent on extortion. This makes expecting the government to be the guardian of society’s public discourse dangerously naive."

CNS CNS News from the Media Research Center


Daily Caller The Daily Caller


Daily Mail UK Daily Mail UK

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Decide America Decide America a project of Citizen Guardian John Bolton

Eagle Forum Eagle Forum - Phyllis Schlafly

Family Security Matters Family Security Matters

Islam Demands Unconditional Surrender Amil Imani
Whereas democracy is defined as the rule of the people, by the people, for the people, Islam is defined as the rule of Allah, by Allah and his emissaries, for the pleasure of Allah.

______________________ FOX News _________________



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FrontPage FRONTPAGE ***** Always Great Articles! .

Force Obama Not to Vote Present »by Ben Shapiro
The president is trying to get off easy for his spending addiction -- the Congress shouldn't let him....

Fort Hood II Foiled »by Ryan Mauro
Awlaki inspires another homegrown terror plot....

A House Divided »by Arnold Ahlert
Conflicted GOP puts dramatic stop to Boehner's debt ceiling plan. ...

Terrorism Against Israel More Justified Than Terrorism Against Norway? »by Alan M. Dershowitz
Ahistorical bigotry from a Norwegian ambassador....

‘Sharia-Controlled Zones’ Sweep UK »by Stephen Brown
One has to wonder about the timing. ...

Ann Coulter, Exorcist »by David Swindle
The bestselling polemicist exposes the demons of the Left....

The Tourism Package for Leftists Who Hate Israel »by Daniel Greenfield
Outraged Protest Tours plans to offer angry entitled brats a choice of three tour packages in Israel....

Palestinian Authority Funding and Glorification of Terrorists »
by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik
....And U.S. funding of the Palestinian Authority....

Lessons from ‘The Haj’ »by Joseph Puder
What the bestselling book can teach the Western mind today. ...

‘Green’ Crime Pays Dividends »by Rich Trzupek
Environmentalists celebrate lawlessness as heroics....

Real vs. Political Innovation »by Tait Trussell
Lessons from the Human Genome Project....

The Strange Saga of David Wu »by Arnold Ahlert
How did the scandal-plagued congressman survive seven terms in office with a history of sexual assault?...

Debunking 6 Myths About Anders Breivik »by Daniel Greenfield
Was the psychopath really on a crusade against Islam?...

When Is an Ideology Responsible for Murder? »by Ben Shapiro
Applying the ideological violence test....

Russia Tied to Attack Near US Embassy in Georgia »by Ryan Mauro
Campaign of violence against American ally continues....

New York Times Reader Kills Dozens in Norway »by Ann Coulter
Now we're getting to the bottom of who really inspired Breivik....

The Real Malcolm X? »by David Forsmark
A tale of two books. ...

Muslim encouraged jihadis to attack MPs — where is the investigation of what inspired him?
This guy was actively calling upon Muslims to commit violence against members of Parliament. Once again, Pamela Geller said it best: "I anxiously await the same intense and extensive mainstream media coverage and obsession that we witnessed immediately after and in the ensuing days of the Norway massacre to determine…

Raymond Ibrahim: Rationalizing Pedophilia in Islam
Earlier this month we saw—or rather, were once again reminded—that Islam permits pedophilia in the guise of “marriage”: Top Saudi cleric, Dr. Salih bin Fawzan, issued a fatwa asserting that there is no minimum age for girls to marry, “even if they are in the cradle,” and that the only…

Why Is Weiner’s Muslim Brotherhood Wife Not Resigning?

The Dark Muslim Brotherhood World of Huma Abedin »by Jamie Glazov
Why is an individual connected to an organization that has declared war on America sitting in the State Department?...

Discover the Networks - describes the networks and agendas of the political Left.

Banging the Drum for Eternal Deficit Spending By Discover The Networks
The George Soros-funded Drum Major Institute for Public Policy (DMI) believes that the federal government should “increase its deficit [spending] in times of economic distress in order to create jobs … and stimulate economic growth.” Thus, in 2009 the Institute embraced the $787 billion stimulus bill signed into law by Barack Obama, lauding the President as nothing ...

Striving to Radicalize African Americans By Discover The Networks
The Black Radical Congress urges African Americans to “unite against the real enemy” they face: the “capitalist economy” which has “completely failed” black people while giving rise to social ills like “class exploitation, racism, sexism and homophobia.”

A Marxist “American Dream” By Discover The Networks
The newly launched “American Dream Movement” is the brainchild of none other than the revolutionary communist Van Jones. Predictably, the Movement’s rhetoric reads like an excerpt straight out of the Marxist class-warfare playbook: references to taxpayer “investments” that will bankroll “our shared future”; condemnations of “tax breaks for the rich”; and lamentations about funding cuts to “vital ...

An Olive Branch or a Bludgeon? By Discover The Networks
Active on four University of California campuses, the Olive Tree Initiative (OTI) says it aims to “promote dialogue and discussion regarding the Israeli-Arab conflict.” The reality is more complex, however, as evidenced by the fact that OTI members met secretly with a prominent Hamas leader shortly after he had been released from an Israeli prison.

Freedom Center Re-Releases Pocket Best-Sellers on Kindle
Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution,
Big Lies: The Arab Propaganda War Against Israel and
From Shadow Party to Shadow Government
by David Horowitz and John Perazzo
and more .... Each will arm the reader with crucial facts and knowledge



Gadi Adelman Gadi Adelman / Hear Gadi on the America Akbar Radio Show


Gateway Pundit Gateway Pundant

Glenn Beck Glenn Beck . com

Glenn: Don’t ever call it ‘West Bank’ again
On radio this morning, Glenn played audio from Frank Schaeffer on MSNBC with Martin Bashir, and the two criticized the influence of religion on politics – specifically in the Tea Party. But it was his comments on the West Bank that really drove Glenn over the edge.
You can watch the full interview below:
In the clip, Schaeffer says, ” So I think that the faith based politics is an immensely destructive thing. Or the settlers on the West Bank of Israel who refuse to move and are jeopardizing -”.
Glenn asked the audience why it was called the West Bank, explaining that the term the region was originally called Judea and Samaria – the place where the story of the Good Samaritan took place. “By calling it the West Bank they are trying to erase the well-known Jewish claims to that area,” Glenn explained.
“It’s Judea, and Samaria. Never call it the West Bank. That’s why he’s calling these Jews get in here, and they’re squatting in the West Bank. How can you squat in the land that you have all of that history written of that area is about you. In fact that area is named after you.”

The Hill The Hill

Hot Air Hot Air

Human Events Human Events


Infowars InfoWars

Yid Lid - Jeff Dunetz Jeff Dunetz - Yid With Lid

Today's Debt Ceiling Votes --Some Unanswered Questions
Boehner Bill Passed, Moody's Says No Change and Boehner's Emotional Speech
Top Congressional Democrats Complain OBAMA IS NOT A LEADER!
Newsbusted Exclusive: Anthony Weiner To Promote Anti-Sexting Law
Palestinian “Moderate” Shows Why Real Peace is Impossible At Present

Jewish World Rewiew Jewish World Review

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America's Most Aggressive Defender of Firearms Ownership

The Insidious Semantics of “Gun Control” By Kirby Ferris
“Gun Control” advocates fall into only two categories: the Liars and the Ignorant. There is no third category.

"No Guns For Jews", Video This is an excellent presentation foe EVERYONE to watch!!!!
This new film produced by JPFO is essential viewing, showing as it does just how many Jews, many in power, continue to be promoting "Gun Control". The comment from most gun owners hinges on the "do some people never learn anything from history"?
If any historic proof was needed regarding Gun Control", you only have to review the JPFO Genocide Chart, to see how disarmament equates to victims, often on a large scale.

It’s Time For Some “Gun Control”. By Charles Heller Executive Director
.. Disarm the BATFE. It’s time to disarm its agents, and decertify BATFE as a law enforcement agency. nine Page Nine by Alan Korwin The latest Gun News

ALERT: ATF To "Demand" Rifle-Sale Records Aug 14 by Alan Korwin The Uninvited Ombudsman
BATFE To Issue "Demand Letter" To Dealers This Week
Multiple Rifle Sales Reports to Begin on August 14
Prior Belief That Executive Order Would "Enact" This Was In Error
FBI May Be Implicated in BATFE Gun Smuggling Program
NICS System Allowed Prohibited Sales
According to four BATFE agents familiar with the planned Fast and Furious gun-smuggling "fix," the bureau plans to release a "demand letter" by the end of this week, insisting that gun dealers in the four Mexico-border states begin reporting multiple rifle sales to the bureau. ...

ALERT!: PFO's Executive Director, Charles Heller, takes on Brady Center poster boy.
As expected, the Norway shootings have the the citizen disarmament crowd foaming at the mouth for stricter "gun control".
Read what JPFO's Executive Director, Charles Heller, has to say to a Virginia Tech victim turned unlikely gun prohibitionist and Brady blather peddler.
"Colin Goddard, the misguided Virginia Tech shooting victim who has turned to the Brady Center to Promote Gun Violence for solace, said in a recent post about the Oslo Shooting: "Unfortunately, I was soon infuriated by the gun fanatics in America who immediately used this massacre to assert that strong gun laws, like Norway's, don't work."
Well, if you look at the case of Anders Behring Breivik, Norway's ludicrous "gun control" laws don't and didn't work.
So, the first question is: Who, Mr. Goddard, is actually the fanatic in this case? Is it common sense self defense advocates, or emotionally convoluted knee-jerk hysterics?" ......Read more ...

JoshuaPundit JoshuaPundit

Libya Gets More Complicated As Rebels Begin Fighting Among Themselves
Libyan rebel leader Abdel Fattah Younes, a defector from Khaddaffi's inner circle was assassinated by members of an allied militia today. Younes was Khaddaffi's former Interior Minister but defected to become the military chief in the rebel Transitional National Council.
Rebel minister Ali Tarhouni told reporters in Benghazi that a militia leader who had gone to fetch Younes from the front line had been arrested and had confessed that his men had carried out the killing, while another unnamed rebel commander said Islamists may have been to blame.
The war itself is pretty much stalemated, and not likely to end anytime soon, especially with the rebels fighting among themselves.
The United States, which has formally recognized the Transitional National Council, said Younes's death was a blow but called for solidarity among the rebels.
"What's important is that they work both diligently and transparently to ensure the unity of the Libyan opposition," State Department spokesman Mark Toner said in Washington.
Yes, that's the sort of messy,ongoing situation we're involved with.At a cost of millions per day.

The Most Dangerous Story In The News Today *****
In today's Washington's the opening paragraph:
U.S. counterterrorism officials are increasingly convinced that the killing of Osama bin Laden and the toll of seven years of CIA drone strikes have pushed al -Qaeda to the brink of collapse.
The article quotes the usual unnamed sources.
The WAPO, being the relatively careful news organization it is covers its tracks carefully with caveats stuck away in odd corners like "al Qaeda might yet rally", "its demise would not end the terrorist threat" and "Even if al Qaeda is dismantled, its militant ideology has spread and will remain a long-term threat."
But the headline and the overwhelming thrust of the article is that al-Qaeda is finished.
Isn't that just wonderful? Wouldn't it be nice to believe that the war that began on 9/11 is all over now, and we beat the bad guys?
Sorry, but I'm afraid I have to pop your bubble.Let's look at something obvious. Why would this be fed to the media just now? And who benefits?
This story fits neatly into the Obama Administration's plans. And even though the WAPO isn't naming names, I can pretty much figure out whom they got it from and why.
We're getting out of Afghanistan, but if we - oh pardon me, President Barack Obama - killed Osama bin-Laden and defeated al-Qaeda, it's not a retreat anymore is it? On the campaign trail, it becomes a win. It can be touted as ''We've finished off the bad guys, and look at who it was that ended Bush's War brought our troops home!' So President Obama gets a totally undeserved label from the usual media suspects as a national security genius.
Not only that but since we've won, we can slash defense spending to the bone and spend that money on Obama's domestic agenda, can't we?
Now that we've figured out the why and who benefits, let's examine who the media almost certainly got this from..and why it's so dangerous. ...

KleinOnline - Aaron Klein KleinOnline - Aaron Klein

Antiwar group raised money for Fort Hood terror plotter. ‘Muslim peacemaker’ caught with bomb, ammunition meant for major attack By Aaron Klein
An antiwar group calling itself Courage to Resist started a legal defense fund for Pfc. Naser Abdo, the Muslim soldier arrested Wednesday who reportedly admitted planning to launch a terror attack on Fort Hood’s army base, KleinOnline has learned.
The organization last year also featured Abdo in its newsletter, branding him a “Muslim peacemaker.”
Less than a year after the Fort Hood shooting massacre by Muslim U.S. Army major Nidal Malik Hasan, Abdo was caught this week with a bomb in a backpack and weapons stashed in a motel room meant for another attack at the same army base.
Yesterday, reported Abdo has ties to a number of antiwar organizations, including Iraq Veterans Against the War and Courage to Resist.
Both groups supported Abdo’s petition for conscientious objector status, which he was eventually granted after he wrote in an application that he was conflicted about “whether going to war was the right thing to do Islamically.”
KleinOnline has learned that Courage to Resist initiated a legal defense fund for Abdo’s conscientious objector petition. The fund is still available online.


Media Research Center Media Research Center (MRC), documenting, exposing, neutralizing liberal media bias

The National Federation of Independent Business
NFIB’s mission is to promote and protect your right to own, operate and grow your business

NRO National Review Online

NewsBusters NewsBusters a project of Media Research Center (MRC)


ABC, CBS and NBC Cast GOP as Debt Ceiling Villains article here

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Newsmax Newsmax

Gallup: Obama’s Approval Rating Hits New Low of 40%

Palin Enters Debt Fray With GOP Warning

Security Officials: Al-Qaida Still Likely to Use WMD

Pajamas Media Pajamas Media



Patriot Post Patriot Post


Real Clear Politics Real Clear Politics


Republican Jewish Coalition Republican Jewish Coalition Weekly News
Solving the debt crisis
Republican House pushes ahead with strong, pro-Israel measures
RJC Republican Presidential Candidates Forum, 12/7/2011!
Durban revives "Zionism is racism" theme; Europeans pull out of conference
Koch endorses GOP candidate for Weiner's seat
RJC Leadership Mission to Israel
RJC News
Obama losing youth vote
Get the RJC iPhone app!

RJC Local Chapters

The Right Scoop The Right Scoop

Weekend Debt Limit Updates Thread

Christian Persecution: The story of Neeha

Muslim soldier arrest no big surprise to training mate

Paul Ryan: Let’s cover the moon with yogurt!

Muslim soldier arrested for plans to attack Fort Hood

Levin defends Allen West over threat of primary
Levin is a little ticked that certain people are using the threat of primarying Allen West to attack the Tea Party, asking “are they trying to get their ratings up?” He says first and foremost that West is a solid Congressman and even though he strongly disagrees with him on the Boehner Plan, he says [...]
This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Rick Perry on gay marriage and the Tenth Amendment
On a day when eyes are on Congress, here’s something a little different. Rick Perry discusses his position against gay marriage, his support of the Tenth Amendment and why supporting a Federal Marriage Amendment that defines marriage between a man and a woman is a pro-Tenth Amendment position: —
This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Al Sharpton can’t string two sentences together on ‘The Ed Show’
The first listen through this you might not notice anything out of the ordinary. Just Al Sharpton, blathering on again about this or that. Ho-hum. But listen to it a second time. He’s just speaking random words, no? And to think, Cenk Uygur lost his job to this guy. Oof. Via Breitbart. —

Ingraham to Palin: You’re not helping
Laura Ingraham apparently didn’t much like Sarah Palin’s Facebook note yesterday, accusing her of raising the specter of contested primaries for those supporting the Boehner bill (via Politico): Palin published a Facebook message Thursday urging Republicans to stand firm on fiscal issues, adding: “Everyone I talk to still believes in contested primaries.” Continue Reading Though [...]

UPDATED – BILL PASSES: Boehner 3.0 & Debt Limit Updates Thread
***UPDATE (3)*** I’ve been unable to wade into the details of how things have gone down this morning but I wanted to start a thread so we could keep you updated pretty easily. As it stands now, I believe there is to be a vote on the House Floor around 6:30PM EDT on the *new [...]

Fabulous: Hugo Chavez plans on clinging to power ’til at least 2031
The people of Venezuela must be so thrilled. Good thing in America we have a thing called the 22nd Amendment in our Constitution. That ought to keep Obama from getting any crazy ideas like this from his relatively right-wing pal. Surely, our President recognizes his limits. Right? CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez [...]

Rush: We are all Sarah Palin now
Rush hits back hard against the assault coming from the left that the Tea Party are hostage takers and terrorists. He starts by playing one of his great media montages of Democrats in Congress referring to the Tea Party as holding the country hostage and then reads a Politico article that refers to the Tea [...]
This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Rush to Conservatives: I’m damn proud of you
Rush says that the only reason we have Boehner 3.0 is because of the Tea Party members in Congress and because of us conservatives who made our voices loud and clear, and he says he’s damn proud of all of us. And then he turns it on. He blasts the leadership for doing Obama and [...]
This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

UPDATED: Allen West slams Tea Party “schizophrenia”
***UPDATE: MARK LEVIN WEIGHS IN*** Tea Party groups are saying that they want to primary Allen West because of his support for the Boehner plan. Allen West says if that’s the case then ‘so be it’, but he’s going to do what he believes is best and not get involved in that kind of “schizophrenia”: [...]

Obama-economy at 1.3% growth rate
As frustrated as you may be over this debt ceiling debate, do not forget who’s been running this economy into the ground for that last few years. I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the Republicans (h/t: Hotair): WASHINGTON (AP) – The economy expanded at meager rate of 1.3 percent annual rate in the spring [...]

Levin: Let the cowards wait for 2012! We’re here right now!
Levin: The only answer is a conservative answer
Congressional Freshmen – For Such A Time As This
Thug Tactics: Is Speaker Boehner the new Pelosi?
Jackson Lee urges Obama to use 14th Amendment
Metaphor FAIL of the Day: MSNBC contributor says corporations are “literally raping” people
BREAKING: Chris Christie rushed to hospital with breathing problems
Jackson Lee at Radical Islam hearing requests ‘hearing on right-wing extremists’
Beck goes after McLame for attacking the Tea Party
Chaffetz grills ATF Special Agent on gunwalking Right Side News

Barry Ruben Gloria Center The Ruben Report by Barry Rubin - The GLORIA Center

This is a must read!
If Anti-Israel Propaganda Becomes Too Ridiculous Will Nobody Believe it? - by Barry Rubin
And if once-prestigious publications publish material that borders on satire will they be discredited?
This article in The Economist, once considered the world’s greatest international magazine for serious news and business analysis is so horrendous that I admit to laughing hysterically while reading it.
The opening sentence is priceless. Innocent Palestinian kids are just going to get water and for no reason at all Israeli soldiers start shooting them down in cold blood. If such an incident had ever happened, it would be everywhere in the mass media. Yet no date or place is mentioned, making it certain that this is fabricated or, more likely, the journalist merely writing down what he was told by Palestinians.
Then the reporter quotes an Israeli settler as saying that the soldiers should maim Palestinians more. No name, no place, no date. This one the journalist himself must have made up.
That’s the best line I have read since a USA Today reporter (later fired for making stuff up) wrote of how a settler was going out to kill Palestinians so he put on his kipa before he went out the door. [Note: Orthodox Jews always wear a kepah or hat even when at home not murdering Palestinians.]
When the individual named in the USA Today article as having been at least an attempted murderer protested to the newspaper that it was ridiculously inaccurate, they ignored him only to find out later that the reporter did make things up on other stories (and fiddled his expense accounts, too) and fired him.
If The Economist has reached the level of bias once achieved in Germany during the 1930s, what possible hope is there for the mass media? Remember, it isn’t just a writer’s work but also the acceptance of it by editors and the use of that person in future employment.
All of this raises an intriguing question: If the lies become continually larger and more glaringly ridiculous will such stuff lose credibility? Will anyone in authority recognize that such incitement does lead to hatred, terrorism, and even murder (or its justification)?
I’m not answering the question, I’m just asking it.

A Good Article on Syria
The Current Crisis as Science Fiction: Robert Heinlein Thirty Years Ago
Murder As Political Strategy: Islamists Eliminate Rival Leader in Libya
Peace Process Profiteers and The Blessings of a Preferable Status Quo

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Rush Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh Show notes  

Be Proud! Tea Party Puts Country Over Party
The Ruling Class couldn't buy off conservative freshmen. They refuse to sell out!

"Conservatives -- those of you in this audience who are conservatives -- there is no reason for fear. There is no reason to compromise with the people who have done the destruction and will do more if they prevail." -Rush

The Nuts and Bolts of Boehner 3.0
Limbaugh analysis of the Speaker's latest attempt. » PDF: The New Boehner Debt Bill with BBA

Behind the Scenes, Plan C (Tax Increases): Boehner, McConnell and Reid are working on a new bill.

Dems Call Conservatives Hostage Takers, Villains, Terrorists: Remember Obama's speech on civility?

"Do you know the debt ceiling has been raised three times under Obama? You could be excused for not knowing, since the media never reported it. Once was on December 28, 2009. Christmas, anybody?" -Rush

Fortney "Pete" Stark: The Debt Limit Debate is a Political Charade
The crazy California Democrat speaks the truth for once, agrees with Rush!

Operating Out of Fear Guarantees That You're Doing the Wrong Thing
When you do things to please others, you can be sure to fail

Obama's Politics of Grievance: He's nothing but a partisan hack, not a man of principle.
Senator Obama in 2006: Don't Raise the Debt Ceiling!

Caller: "Boner" Needs Cajones! Is this whole thing an Obama fundraising effort?

The Porkulus and the Baseline: Caller makes a fabulous point and he does it quickly.

The GOP Establishment Targets Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH): They say get in line on raising the debt limit so Obama has a couple trillion more to spend, or they'll write his district out of existence.


Sultan Knish Daniel Greenfield Sultan Knish - Daniel Greenfield ALWAYS GREAT ARTICLES!!


Daniel Greenfield article: Friday Afternoon Roundup - Obama Wins the Budget Battle
****** EVERY GOP MEMBER - READ THIS!!!!! Send it to your reps!!!!
Sheila Jackson-Lee might be the dumbest person in congress. She might even be the dumbest person outside congress. If there were ever a global championship for idiots, the country could send her there. And leave her there; because unlike Lassie, she wouldn’t be able find her way back on her own.
When Enron wanted someone to use as a puppet, they picked Sheila Jackson-Lee. They wanted a woman who didn’t have a mind of her own. Enron executives described her as “agreeable”, which was a polite way of saying, “dumber than a bunch of rocks caught in the hubcaps of a slow bus going the wrong way on a one way street in the middle of a flood.”
That's from my Front Page Magazine article, Sheila Jackson Lee: Racist and Moron. That was the polite title. Unfortunately congressional Republicans aren't exactly outscoring her right now.
The amount of friendly fire by a circular firing squad is what you would expect after losing an election. And the blogs that specialize in shouting, "Fight, Fight" and then standing by and racking up hit counts by pushing more fights aren't exactly helping.
• After spending two months kicking around Newt Gingrich, the GOP 2011 has mishandled the budget standoff while learning no lessons from his tenure. Obama's goals were fairly simple and so far he's achieved most of them.
1. Pin the blame for the impasse on Republicans
2. Divide the Republican leadership from the grass roots
3. Force through a "compromise" budget that gives him everything he wants and leaves the other side with nothing of substance that he can't bypass.

The media covered the first part, with the aid of a GOP in communication breakdown mode. The GOP is now deep in circular firing squad mode which covers the second part. And the third is likely still to come.
A budget battle against a media entrenched Oval Office occupant, with only the House, but not the Senate was always a dicey proposition. It would take a strong negotiator with a powerful public presence to hold up the GOP side.
The goal on the Democratic side isn't to pass a budget, but to create a crisis, pin the blame on the GOP, and particularly the Tea Party, wait for the opposition to fracture, and collect the winnings of a frantic compromise budget. And here we are.
Obama's plan was to leave the mess in the House, have the Senate veto anything sent up, and give regular press conferences warning of imminent disaster. And it's worked out fairly well. It's irresponsible and there are Democrats in the know who are disgusted by it. But the same holds true for his entire tenure. It looks increasingly like he was able to bluff the Republican party, then divide and conquer.
This won't destroy the Tea Party or give Obama a second term. But it sets a dangerous precedent in an election year. If the Republican party can be outmaneuvered on this, how good does the election really look?
Boehner is not the problem, but he is "a" problem. He seems to have been chosen for his inoffensive qualities. No one wanted a repeat of Gingrich vs Clinton. Fair enough. But there were better choices. The Republican party has no public face, and while that avoids the danger of being Gingriched, it lets the media put its own face on the party. With no real response.
The GOP does need a public face. A great communicator who's telegenic and articulate, charming and able to be on every news program at the same time. Those aren't impossible requirements. But in a party that puts forward the likes of Boehner, Pawlenty, Paul Ryan and wonders why they won't connect, that is a challenge. More of one than it should be.
The larger problem though is strategic. Going into the budget fight, the only ammunition on the GOP side was an expectation that the Democrats would want to work toward a deal. And that was a mistaken assumption. The Dems had nothing to gain from a deal, and everything to lose.
The Democratic party lost badly in 2010. Obama's polling is equally disastrous. Even if the left wing gang that controls the party now was interested in being good citizens, their only shot is to sabotage the GOP. And that's what they're doing. They're not prepared to take real damage to do it, but they were betting that the Republican party wouldn't either. Because the GOP is rising, and when you're rising, then you have more to lose.
The challenge here wasn't impossible, but it wasn't easy either. And the Republican party blew it. But losing a battle is also valuable. It's a wake up call before losing the war.
I've written extensively about an unhinged Norwegian who went on a shooting spree, and I'll write about it some more in the coming week, but I think it's important to note that unlike a Norwegian killing people, Muslim violence remains the norm. Not an aberration.
A Norwegian killing spree is still man bites dog. A Muslim killing spree is dog bites man. ...
Let's compare two cases side by side for a moment to understand that the real danger here is not as simple as a subway bombing. It is the implementation of a theocracy which considers non-Muslims to be subhuman.
In England, a 63 year old British man, is being kept on jail for putting pork products outside a mosque.
In Indonesia, the ringleaders of a Muslim mob who lynched three members of a minority sect got three months in jail.
In England, a judge called leaving pork products outside a mosque, "very disturbing offenses". Not because there is anything bad about pork-- but because anything that offends Muslims, whether it is pork, the state of Israel or a cartoon has become a "very disturbing offense".
Meanwhile in Indonesia, a Muslim lynch mob will probably end up serving less time in jail than John White, a 63 year old Englishman, did for littering.
This isn't what's coming. This is already here.
and more ...

Daniel Greenfield article: A Clash of Histories ******* Must Read!!!

Tenth Amendment Center Tenth Amendment Center

Salem Radio Network - TownHall TownHall - Salem Radio Network -


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Trevor Trevor Louden - NEW ZEAL | Key Wiki Key Wiki Unlocking the covert side of U.S. & Global politics

NASA Tests Show Warming by Greenhouse Gases a False Crisis
Man-made global warming – not so much.
Man-made global Marxofascism – now there’s a crisis.

Rep. Allen West Defends His Stance on “Boehner Plan”
Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m a big Allen West fan.
Many “Tea Party” activists are disappointed that Congressman West has chosen to support the “Boehner Plan” over the debt ceiling issue.
Here Allen West defends his position, with Laura Ingraham.

CEO Slams Obama’s Leadership
Home Depot founder Ken Langone slams Obama leadership. Great vid

Commies for Obama!
A recent Baltimore labor union rally, introduced by Communist Party USA supporter and Maryland AFL-CIO leader Fred Mason, and convicted fraudster, hospital chaplain, Obama volunteer and Communist Party Religious Commission member Pierre L. Williams.
This rally makes it very clear exactly who President Obama’s support base is.

Solution for Debt Problems? End Entitlements

You Are Being Lied To
For those of you who may have forgotten and for those of you who possibly never knew, regardless of what you are hearing in the news, there are NO spending cuts. There are only “budget” cuts. The “natural” progression of expenditures in Washington, having its own localized financial physics, is that every budget item everywhere in the budget, always increases every year. And any failure to increase the amount by the full expected amount, is scored by the CBO as a budget cut. To the point, where if you simply did nothing more than freeze Washington’s budget at exactly the figures they are today, cutting nothing, the CBO would score this as a 9 Trillion dollar “budget cut” over the next 10 years. Imagine adding to that the 1% across-the-board cut that Connie Mack is putting forth. It would balance the budget and save America. Evidently, this is “too simple” for our politicians for the most part to understand.

Gil Cedillo, California’s Socialist Immigration “Czar”
No man is more responsible for the recent passage of California’s “Dream Act’ than State Assemblymember Gil Cedillo.

Luis Gutierrez, Socialist Immigration Puppet
This week Illinois congressman , Rep. Luis Gutierrez was arrested for staging a sit-in in front of the White House, to demand that President Barack Obama stop the deportations of undocumented immigrants.
Without doubt Gutierrez is the US Congress’ leading activist for the open immigration movement – especially Latino immigration.

Obama and Marxists March in Unison on Immigration
The communists and socialists have long wanted to remove all barriers to immigration into the United States, and their man Barack Obama wants to help.
From the Communist Party USA‘s Peoples World
President Barack Obama was welcomed by thousands attending the National Council of La Raza’s annual conference in Washington D.C. this week, where he delivered a major speech.
... “We reform the immigration laws, it puts 12 million people on the path to citizenship and eventually voters”. Can you imagine if we have, even the same ratio, two out of three?
If we have eight million new voters who care about …… and will be voting. We will be creating a governing coalition for the long term, not just for an election cycle

That’s what this is all about folks – votes and socialist power.


Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal

The Washington Times The Washington Times


World Net Daily World Net Daily

Science stunner! 'Missing link' for 150 years and now it isn't?
Archaeopteryx: Bird, dinosaur or what?
A fossil touted since the time of Charles Darwin as the "missing link" between dinosaurs and birds is likely just a dinosaur, scientists have admitted in a new report in the journal Nature..
The proposal to reclassify the specimen Archaeopteryx, which has been presented since its discovery in 1861 as a key transitional link, highlights the shifting sands on which much of evolutionary theory is based, according to one expert in the field. ...


Rachel Maddow, MSNBC getting sued for defamation
'Left-wing television commentators must be made to respect ... the law'

World Tribune World Tribune


National Events


A Public Expression of Support for Israel Rally Free admission for All
August 14,2011 4:30 to 6:00pm Georgia World Congress Center International Plaza
285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW Atlanta, GA 30313 Next to Philips Arena & CNN Center

Americans for Israel Event Aug 21, 2011 Noon till 4pm, Market of Marion, Belleview Florida WildBillforAmerica video

NY Judge Gives Ground Zero Mosquestrosity the Nod: Last Legal Challenge Removed
Note: May I suggest taking some PORK with you. Or even a live pig????


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Get Involved in the Process - this video is from SC, but your state works the same

The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy
to Take Back the Republican Party and then America at the Ballot Box

This site has a wealth of information for PCs!

2011 05 07 Political Activism 1
The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy explained along with practical advice for recruiting more precinct committeemen and becoming more effective in Getting Out The Vote.






And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee:
and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. Gen 12:3.

The Issues Column
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This is the book of the generations of Adam.
In the day that God created man,
in the likeness of God made he him;
Male and female created he them; and blessed them,
and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.
Genesis 5:1

"It is well to remember that reading books about the Bible is a very different thing to searching the Word for oneself." --H A Ironside


The BEST things in life aren't THINGS


This most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent Being. … This Being governs all things, not as the soul of the world, but as Lord over all; and on account of his dominion he is wont to be called “Lord God” Pantokratōr [cf. 2 Corinthians 6:18], or “Universal Ruler”. … The Supreme God is a Being eternal, infinite, absolutely perfect.’ Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727):

Fascinating fossil fence-wire
Photo 1: The roll of fencing wire in solid rock, shortly after it was found.
Photo 2 (inset): The very hard surface close up, showing encased seashells.
Click here for larger view.
The circular object in photo 1, about 70 cm (2.3 feet) in diameter, was found at Eighty Mile Beach in the north of Western Australia by Amy Lewis, the 11-year-old daughter of the local caravan park owners, Col and Jo Lewis. Exposed at low tide, the object was extremely hard1 and heavy—about 75 kg (165 pounds). On examination, it was obvious even before cutting it open that a roll of modern-day fencing wire had become ‘petrified’, completely encased in solid rock.
Photo 2 shows the outside surface close up, complete with ‘fossil’ seashells.

Rock layers and cave formations
Are creationists mistaken on how and how long they take to form?

Drowned from below by Alexander Williams
There is still a vast reservoir of subterranean water inside the earth

Design and the Designer by Jonathan Sarfati
Hear this, O Job; stop and consider the wondrous works of God’ (Job 37:14)
There is a famous analogy that compares God to the wind—we cannot see the wind, but we can feel and see the effects of the wind (cf. John 3:8). Similarly, since life originated in the past, neither its design nor its alleged evolution can be observed directly by experimental science. But creation could have left some effects that can be observed.
We can see that living organisms were designed because of similarities to man-made objects that we know were designed. People detect intelligent design all the time. For example, if we find arrowheads, we can assume they were made by someone, even if we cannot see the designer. We can tell the difference between messages written in sand, and the results of wave and wind action.
The carved heads of the US presidents on Mt Rushmore are clearly different from erosional features. If it’s unreasonable to believe that an encyclopedia could have originated without intelligence, then it’s just as unreasonable to believe that life could have originated without intelligence ...

Death to Sin Brent’s Armstrong
It is fashionable today to laugh at sin and to ridicule those who fear it, hate it, and run from it. Television and movies have done a masterful job of destroying virtue by laughing at it. They have taken great pains to poke fun at holiness of life and hatred of evil. If you will notice, they will usually characterize an individual who hates sin in one of these ways: as an elderly person (making it appear old-fashioned and totally irrelevant); as a poor, simple, overzealous “fanatic” (making it appear unsophisticated and purely emotional); or as a mentally unbalanced person (making it appear a psychological fantasy).
And the feeling created by these grossly inaccurate caricatures is, “Sin? That is something for those kinds of people. Me, I’m OK I am relevant enough, sophisticated enough, and surely balanced enough to realize a little sin is all right, as long as I don’t let things get out of hand.” ... Part 2

Joseph Smith developed his doctrine over a period of many years to come up with a teaching and belief that not only are there many gods, but that they were once mortal men who advanced in their righteousness until they had learned enough to merit godhood. The Mormon Church calls this "eternal progression" and names godhood "exaltation". When he revealed this doctrine, he had to back-track from what he had taught before. In the Book of Mormon (1830) he wrote, "I know that God is not a partial God, neither is he a changeable being; but he is unchangeable from all eternity to all eternity." (Moroni 8:18). In Mormon 9:9-10 he had written, "For do we not read that God is the same yesterday, today and forever and in him there is no variableness neither shadow of changing? And now if you have imagined up unto yourselves a god who doth vary, and in whom there is a shadow of changing, then you have imagined up unto yourselves a god who is not a God of miracles."
But in 1844 Joseph Smith said, "I am going to tell you how God came to be God. We have imagined and supposed that God was God from all eternity. I will take away the veil, so that you may see." (Joseph Smith's King Follett Discourse.)
We need to remember that the Mormon Church maintains that the Book of Mormon is true and that God is unchangeable, at the same time also believing that their God was once a man as Joseph Smith later taught. Both doctrines, namely that God is unchangeable from all eternity to all eternity (Moroni 8:18) - and that he was once a mere mortal man, are to be accepted by faithful LDS. It is foolishness to put ourtrust in a man, and be lost for all eternity! (See Jer. 17:5; Ps. 118:8.)
Our job is to show them that there is a huge problem with this and then offer them a biblical answer - God indeed is God from everlasting to everlasting (Ps. 90:2) and that he does not have Gods before him, nor will men become Gods after him. (Isaiah 43:10; 44:6, 8.) They cannot pick both doctrines, unless they admit they use "doublethink". If a Mormon admits that one or the other doctrine is incorrect, i.e. both cannot be correct, he then must admit that Joseph Smith was a false prophet. The LDS Church is more and more resorting to counseling doubting Mormons that the facts are not important, or that doctrine does not matter, only their "testimonies" (feelings about the church) matter. But our hearts and feelings are changeable and even deceitful as Jeremiah cautioned, "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked." (Jer. 17:9.) The Bible commands us to study and test and prove all things. (2 Tim. 2:15; 1 John 4:1; 1 Thess. 5:21.) Facts do matter!

U.N. treaty trumps parental rights The Washington Times
Could a 10-person panel of foreign nationals dictate, with the full weight of U.S. law, how we raise our children? This idea seems far-fetched, even ridiculous, but, unfortunately, it is possible.
The problem stems from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

Parental Rights Amendment - new video
The full 30-minute docudrama is scheduled to be released in September, with a five-minute version to follow. All three will be free and available online to make it as easy as possible to spread the word about the need to preserve our parental rights.

See "The Child" about Parental Rights!

Tour Israel with Jewish Awareness!

Live Bible Study at Jewish Awareness Fridays 5-7pm EST

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Creation events calendar

Listen to Hope for Today Radio with David Hocking  


Technology - Industry - Inventions - Science

No increased cancer risk found among kids who use cellphones By Melissa Healy
DRATS --- Now they need something new to scare us with!

Facial recognition accidentally revokes licenses
John H. Gass had his license revoked after a state computer incorrectly identified him. Massachusetts uses facial recognition software to confirm identities. However, over 1,000 people a year are tagged incorrectly. Thirty-four other states use this system as well. Facial recognition is cool technology. It isn't without its problems, however.

Turn off Facebook's new photo-tagging feature
Whenever Facebook launches a new feature, it seems to create a new privacy concern. Well, this time around is no different. The European Union has started an investigation. Facebook has already issued an apology to its users.
What's the big fuss all about? It's Facebook's latest addition to its photo-sharing system. The new feature adds facial recognition to make tagging photos easier. Facebook actually introduced this a while back. But Facebook has now turned it on automatically for most users. ...

Decrease Sugar to Sweeten Blood Cholesterol By W. Gifford-Jones, M.D.
SWILLING SUGAR: These young people are setting themselves up for obesity, diabetes, and blood-fat disturbances.
Think you know everything about how to lower blood cholesterol? I’m sure it’s no news that excessive amounts of sugar can cause obesity, diabetes, and more visits to the dentist.
A report from Tufts University School of Nutrition says this is the first study to show that too much sugar is also bad news for blood cholesterol. ...


Schools Schools and Education
Political Correctness+Union Mandates=Mis-educated kids


Kyle Olson: Indoctrination Fridays: ‘Three Little Pigs’ Slaughtered by Leftists
This is one part of a running series entitled “Indoctrination Fridays,” a weekly review of leftist propaganda incorporated into public school curriculum, much of it geared towards elementary students.

The Dumb Kid Vote WildBillforAmerica vid EXCELLENT!


Searching For Sharia By Val Jensen | July 29, 2011
The adamant position of Professor Asifa Quraishi of the University of Wisconsin Law School is that Sharia is a “way of life” which takes shape in everyday activities such as dietary norms, praying five times a day, doing good and tithing, which are in many ways no different than religious customs of Jews and Christians.

Scandals in the Classroom by Phyllis Schlafly
A national scandal hit the news when Georgia Governor Nathan Deal released a 413-page report describing how hundreds of Atlanta public school teachers and principals had been cheating during the past ten years on standardized tests in order to falsely report that their schools were doing a good job and the kids were improving. A total of 178 teachers and principals (38 were principals), 82 of whom have already confessed, had fraudulently raised test scores so their schools would meet test targets set by the district and thereby qualify for federal funds.

Is the International Baccalaureate Programme Co-opting Your Child? by Laura Rambeau Lee
... The International Baccalaureate Programme is selecting our best and brightest children at the most impressionable time in their lives to indoctrinate them into becoming good “global citizens”. It should be of great concern to all responsible and caring parents that the IB program does not recognize their child as an individual who may possess a special talent or ability. The program appears to be a well organized attempt to mold the child into becoming a good global citizen, impressing upon them that they are a part of the greater global community, or collective. The primary focus of an IB education is on the environment, sustainability, economic justice and sharing our humanity.
A call to the local school district to inquire about the IB programme directs you to another regional number. When asked about the curriculum for IB, the school board states that they do not have any of that information. They do not oversee the program nor do they have any knowledge of what our children are being taught in IB!
The Global Engage IBO site quotes Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Odd choice of words, don’t you think?
Students have made many videos for their International Baccalaureate projects that can be found on youtube. Watch a few of them. What our children are subjected to in IB is absolutely chilling. ...

Teachers Unions Exposed Teachers Unions Exposed

The Internet Will Reduce Teachers Union Power

America’s Education Crisis

These unions continue to block reforms needed to improve our nation’s schools by putting their focus on teachers rather than on the students they teach.
Our education system is in desperate need of reform and it’s time we stop letting teachers unions stand in the way.



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Border Insecurity


I ask again, if BO signs an Amnesty bill in, will he be legal?


DALLAS — Illegal immigrants are returning home to Mexico in numbers not seen for decades — and the Mexican government may have to deal with a crush on its social services and lower wages once the immigrants arrive.

Build The Border Fence AZ *****
The Border Fence website is now LIVE!!!
Every person who donates online will receive an official numbered certificate from the State of Arizona thanking you for your support, so be sure to donate quickly to get one of the first certificates!
Update - As you know, the site debuted this past Wednesday and within the first 24 hours, donations had come in from all 50 states! This is great for two reasons; one that the whole country heard about this project, and two, that people across the whole country care about it!
Currently, over $100,000 has been raised from more than 2200 individual donations! If you have not donated yet or have not forwarded the website to your contact list or have not posted it on your social media page(s), PLEASE DO SO NOW, your help is absolutely needed! ...

Border Sheriffs Border Sheriffs
• Ariz. Sheriff Dever Defends Immigration Law, Criticizes Feds
• Abandoned on the Border
• Sheriff Dever Reacts To Obama’s Immigration Speech
• Time for the Supreme Court to Rule on State Immigration Laws

M3 Report M3 Report - National Association of Former Border Patrol
Latin America News Articles and Domestic News – US
PLEASE... Click the link above and scroll through the articles showing the bedlam in Latin America as well as the border issues in the US!

Los Zetas May Attempt to Overthrow Mexican Government in 2012

Border Agents Could Lose Thousands in Salary

12 abducted immigrants rescued in Reynosa
One of the aliens is from Iran.

Federation for American Immigration Reform Federation for American Immigration Reform

ICE Union President Accuses Administration of Deception on Immigration Enforcement.
Back door amnesty policies in place.

Illegal Aliens File Suit Against Alabama Law.
Litigating Law Enforcement into Submission.

Obama Tells La Raza Convention He Wants Amnesty.
Says GOP Help is Needed.

Schumer, Cornyn Push "High Skill" Immigration Bill.
We Need More Foreign Job Seekers?

Rep. Gutierrez Protest in Favor of DREAM Act Gets Him Arrested . . . Again.
This latest incident is nothing more than a cheap stunt.

BAN Amnesty Now Hits the Airwaves!
Listen Every Tuesday at 7pm on Arizona's KFNX 1100-AM


The Religion of Environmentalism

The Religion of Environmentalism
The truth about the destructive religion of Environmentalism
... To the environmentalist religion, as long as a single human being lives, the Earth has a problem.

What's an environmentalist? A watermelon: green on the outside and red on the inside.


Click Here for more info on Agenda 21,
Sustainable/Smart Communities, ICLEI, Project 60
and Environmentalism
"Sustainability" is "Environmentalism" maxed out

Energy & Environment

Doomed Planet
“Today’s debate about global warming is essentially a debate about freedom. The environmentalists would like to mastermind each and every possible (and impossible) aspect of our lives.” Vaclav Klaus Blue Planet in Green Shackles
Malcolm Turnbull's climate politics by Bob Carter
Which “science” and which “morality”, Malcolm?
In a Sydney lecture last week, shadow communications minister Malcolm Turnbull again shared with us his strange views on the scientific method, and his doctrinaire opinion that a market-based carbon dioxide scheme should form the core of national climate policy.
Mr Turnbull positions himself as a moderate on the issue of dangerous global warming, but in fact he supports the same extreme view as do environmental activists on the hard left.
His rusted on belief that dangerous global warming is being caused by human-related carbon dioxide emissions probably dates back to his days as Minister for Environment under Mr Howard. Then, like all new recruits to that portfolio, his views on iconic environmental issues will have been captured by the usual “”Yes, Minister” clique of bureaucrats and official science advisers – doubtless wielding the snazzy computer simulations that are so loved by science junketeers.
The scientific method
Writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, political journalist Michelle Grattan says that no one could doubt that Mr. Turnbull means what he says about the science of global warming, which is this:
As Liberals, we have to state our environmental case, and our position on the right approach to deal with climate change, on the basis that we are supporting the science - that is our policy.
There is, of course, no such thing as “the science”, on either global warming or anything else. What Mr. Turnbull was presumably trying to express was his belief that public policy should be based upon application of the scientific method. ...

Feds are using this dated, incomplete and conflicting science to justify moving forward with the Endagered Species listing
Dunes Sagebrush Lizards- Another Spotted Owl Fiasco? By Jack Dini
Texas is the nation’s leading oil and gas producing state. It provides 32 percent of the domestic onshore oil production and 35 percent of the domestic onshore-marketed gas production in the United States. Yet, as the importance of developing our own energy resources has become more acute than ever, oil and gas production in West Texas threatens to be shut down by the dunes sagebrush lizard. Between the environmentalists who are itching to put this little lizard on the endangered list and Obama’s Administration who have a disdain for domestic oil production, the little lizard could become another spotted owl.

The Wildlands Project-[Wildlands Network]-Plan to completely transform Land Use in America video



Lord Monckton Australian Tour, July 2011 – Sticky on Top
NoCarbonTax Television filmed the lecture by Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley speech on Climate Change and Carbon Tax in Sydney in July 2011. The lecture is about 1 hour in 7 linked You-Tube segments.

Why Conservatives should oppose The NAT GAS Act by Chris Chocola
... In other words, this bill basically lends credibility to the EPA’s ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, something opposed to by many Republicans in Congress. Therefore, the Club for Growth cannot help but conclude that anyone who remains a sponsor of this bill is a supporter of Obama’s desire to regulate climate change through the EPA. ... 

Prof. Terry Lovell on US’s Abundant Oil Reserves **** video

AEA American Energy Alliance Pipeline Headlines

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times — the tale of two states and their use of natural gas

Do you think it is possible that Bill Daley took a look at a map and figured out that all the voters he wants in 2012 would hate this idea?

Flow, baby, flow — House passes bill that forces the State Department’s hand on the Keystone XL Pipeline

The Carbon Sense Coalition The Carbon Sense Coalition
All about carbon in life, energy and the atmosphere

Population Research Institute Population Research Institute is a non-profit research and educational organization dedicated to objectively presenting the truth about population-related issues, and to reversing the trends brought about by the myth of overpopulation. Our growing, global network of pro-life groups spans over 30 countries.
Global Warming Science? Nope, Global Warming Scam.

I Love CO2 I Love CO2

Drought Maps
These maps show the extent of drought in the United states using different indicators of moisture. The different maps are more fully explained below. These maps are updated weekly, on Monday nights.
Select Map: Palmer Drought Index, Precipitation Needed to End Drought, Soil Moisture Anomalies, Crop Moisture Index, Field Soil Capacity

Climate Depot - Need ammo against whakkos? Find it here!

SunspotGate: Warmist Kevin Trenberth admits in an email that sunspots are an external forcing of our climate system; Romm publishes this admission, then deletes it

Analysis: Go Easy on Monnett's Polar Bear 'Fraud': 'There is no room for fraud because the study was, on its face, facile and useless'
'The authors basically extrapolated from a single data was all pure speculation and crazy extrapolation. How could there be fraud when there was not any data here in the first place?'

Update: NYT's Revkin: Polar bear study's 'Monnett has been under investigation since at least last February...and was placed on administrative leave with pay on July 18'
Agency Claim: 'The agency placed Monnett on administrative leave for reasons having nothing to do with scientific integrity'

NYT's Revkin's Response: 'Her statement doesn't mesh well with the transcript of one of the investigative interviews conducted with Monnett — which goes through page after page of questioning on swimming and dead polar bears and statistics'

Roy Spencer: 'Fallout from Our Paper: The (Warmist) Empire Strikes Back: IPCC's Trenberth's response to our paper, rather predictably, was: 'I cannot believe it got published'

Spencer: 'Trenberth's comment when translated from IPCC-speak actually means, 'Why didn't I get the chance to deep-six Spencer's paper, just like I've done with his other papers?'

Alarmists Need To Get Their Personal Attacks Against Roy Spencer's New Study Synced Better: 'Dessler says that Spencer's model matches the data, but it is still wrong'
Meanwhile, warmist 'Arthur Smith says that Spencer mis-matches the data by a few trillion degrees'

'Missing heat': Is global warmth vanishing into space? 'It's gone away somewhere, that's for sure'

Global Warming Industry Rocked by Polar Bear Fraud
Polar Bear fallout: 'Junk Science Unravels...The global warming fraud is coming apart faster than the alarmists can repackage and rebrand their fairy tale'

Don't miss it! No wonder Monnett is in hiding! Transcript of Monnett being grilled about his polar bear claims: Q: 'I'm a little confused of how many dead or drowned polar bears you did observe...'

Laugh at Monnett's Polar Bear 'research' -- Flashback: U.S. Senate Report Debunks Polar Bear Extinction Fears

Paging Warmist Polar Bear 'Expert' Charles Monnett! He goes in hiding --- ducks NYT's attempt to contact him: 'Monnett did not respond to a voicemail message'

Warmist Randy Olson slams Climate Depot for targeting Gingrich: 'Morano is sending an anti-American message at this point. Plain and simple'

Warmist Randy Olson: Criticizing warmist Newt Gingrich is anti-American

Sky-high hole blown in AGW theory?
New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hold In Global Warming Alarmism

Al Gore's 'drowned polar bear' AIT source under investigation


Peer-Reviewed Study Casts Doubt on Climate Models
The peer-reviewed journal Remote Sensing last week published a paper by Roy Spencer and William Braswell demonstrating that the Earth releases far more heat into space than global warming models assume. This would indicate that climate models overstate warming. The research is the first time that scientists have looked at heat released from the atmosphere both before and after warming periods. LiveScience has published a story on the study including a number of critical comments by alarmist climate scientists. Dr. Roy Spencer responded to these comments on his blog.

Auto Industry Caves on New CAFE Standards: Consumers Will Take the Hit

Climate Change Suspect Must Be Given a Fair Trial
Joanne Nova, The Australian, 29 July 2011

EPA’s Air Quality Overkill
Steve Milloy, Washington Times, 29 July 2011

Heartland Responds to Nature
Joseph Bast, Heartland Institute, 28 July 2011

Nature on Heartland
Judith Curry, Climate Etc., 28 July 2011

Polar Bear Scientist Under Investigation
Becky Bohrer, AP, 28 July 2011

Big Green Blocks Oil Pipeline, Thousands of Jobs
Washington Examiner editorial, 28 July 2011

Markey’s Posturing on Revenue Sharing
Iain Murray, Planet Gore, 27 July 2011

New Paper “On the Misdiagnosis Of Surface Temperature Feedbacks From Variations In Earth’s Radiant Energy Balance”
Roger Pielke Sr., Climate Science, 26 July 2011

Exporting Gas Benefits America
Nicolas Loris, The Foundry, 25 July 2011

2011 U.S. Temperature Update: Alarmism Not
Chip Knappenberger, Master Resource, 25 July 2011

Rhetoric on Renewable Energy Does Not Match Reality
Jon Ralston, Las Vegas Sun, 24 July 2011

Is EPA’s Purpose Protecting the Environment, or Shuttering Industry?
Bryan Shaw, Washington Examiner, 23 July 2011

Inhibiting an Oil and Gas Boom
Paul Chesser, American Spectator, 22 July 2011 is part of SOS Earthquakes, an earthquake relief non-profit organization


"Sustainability" is
"Environmentalism" maxed out
Let's get this stopped before it goes any further!


‘Sustainable Development’ Explained By: Henry Lamb
What could be bad about ‘sustainability’?
To ordinary people, the word sustainable is an adjective that means the activity the word describes can continue forever. For example, since biblical days, farmers practiced sustainable agriculture by leaving their fields fallow every seventh year. In early America, farmers knew that for agriculture to be sustainable, the same crop could not be planted in the same field year after year. Sustainable agriculture has always been practiced by successful farmers. Farmers who didn’t practice sustainable agriculture inevitably failed.
The United Nations has given the word sustainable a new definition. Introduced to the world in “Our Common Future,” the report of the 1987 U.N. Commission on Environment and Development, and further defined in the U.N.’s “Agenda 21″ at the U.N. Conference on Environment and Development, the term “sustainable” was married to the term “development,” and a brand new concept entered the world. The term “sustainable development” means any activity that has economic impact, and is equitable, and has no negative environmental impact. All three elements are required to qualify as “sustainable development.” ...

The Radical Education Elite and Agenda 21 By Nathan Tabor
Far too many conservatives are failing to pay attention to the rise of global socialism at the hands of the United Nations through its Agenda 21. Agenda 21 embraces virtually every aspect of human life; it is being implemented aggressively in the United States.
"The overarching goal of Agenda 21 is to establish international norms of personal behavior that are dictated by a group of the world's so-called 'enlightened elite' who believe they know best how people ought to live therefore they should be allowed to tell the how they should live."
Americans and the American news media are all but ignoring the shenanigans by those who worship at the altar of the United Nations. The big story these days is the conflict between the U.S. Congress and President Barack Obama over the proposed debt ceiling increase, cuts in spending and the Democrat Party's favorite activity: Raising taxes on the rich (anyone making more than $200,000 per year).
Far too many conservatives are failing to pay attention to the rise of global socialism at the hands of the United Nations through its Agenda 21. It is easy to overlook world governance schemes when Americans are inundated with information regarding local and national events. ... 

Changing The Conversation video by AR Tea Party gctc Diane Silverman video
Identifying the New World Order as an enemy of America.
Agenda 21, ICLEI, Smart Communities, Sustainable Development .... all are against the Constitution
NOT a conspiracy theory presentation! MUST SEE!


Click Here for more info on Agenda 21,
Sustainable/Smart Communities, ICLEI, Project 60

BookMark The Left-Out News
Now Before You Forget!

The Left-Out News






ALERT - AZ Redistricting Commission New Unethical Behavior Brought to Light about Commissioners Get involved!
Listen to Frank Antenori on 104.1 FM Jon Justice - Fast forward to 26:00 minutes to hear it for yourself.
Key Points - these are unethical if not criminal:
Colleen Mathis lied by omission on her application to get onto the commission by not disclosing that her husband was a paid staff member of Democrat Nancy Young Wright's campaign when she submitted her application which was at the height of the campaign and she couldn't have forgotten it. She admits that this was a mistake, says she forgot. It is likely that would have disqualified her from getting on the commission.
Destroyed documents which are subject to public records request- this is a violation of open meeting laws. These were the scoring sheets that eliminated three firms from being considered in the award of the mapping consultant contract. All 7 score cards were shredded and there is an affidavit of that by a witness. Ray Bladine has admitted that this happened.
Bid rigging, admitted to by Commissioner Herrera - that he intentionally scored Strategic Telemetry high (all three gave them a perfectscore even thought they did not meet the RFP requirements, did not have the experience, and were twice as expensive as any other bid). The reason given by Commissioner Herrera was that he was afraid that had he not scored them so high, some other company would have gotten the contract.
Vote Trading - Ms. Mathis called Republican commissioners to get them to vote for Strategic Telemetry in exchange for her votes for something they might want on the mapping portion. This conversation happened on cell phones in the parking lot after the end of a meeting and this violates, at the least, open meeting laws. An affidavit was filed with the County Attorney attesting to this.
State Procurement Officer walked out and submitted letter stating that the selection process for Strategic Telemetry was in violation of state procurement operations.
Proposition 106 was passed to keep from having deals being made in back rooms but that is exactly what has happened on the commission. More than half their time has been spent in Executive Session so the public could not see these back room deals being made. This is in violation of the open meeting laws that say that decisions must be made in the open so the public can see what is going on.
We have gone from having the possibility of corruption by state legislators if you could get 47 to be complicate to having corruption by 3 people.
The people have gone from paying legislators to draw lines and the people can vote them out in two years, to paying $9M to 5 people who are totally unaccountable to anyone. And voters have no way to remove these people.
3 Commissioners awarded the contract to the company that was hired by the DNC to do a nationwide, state-by-state, strategy to mitigate the loss of 24 state legislatures in the 2010 election using the redistricting process. The strategy that Strategic Telemetry was to come up with how the most Democratic districts could be redrawn in states using a commission instead of legislatures to draw lines and in the other states that were not taken over in the last election.
Strategic Telemetry also did microtargeting, down to the precinct level, for Barack Obama in 2008 and we are giving them our voting data.

The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission
has released it's 1st round of public hearings. See the list of locations and times. GO! if you can, and hold their feet to the fire!


Election fraud attacks the heart of our political system and threatens our rights as citizens. What will you do about it?Verify the Vote is a initiative developed by citizens for citizens, to inspire and equip volunteers for involvement at every stage of our electoral process and to actively protect the rights of legitimate voters, regardless of their political party affiliation.Our government was built upon the belief that election results represent the true will of the people; our election processes were always intended to be supported by citizen volunteers. If you are one of the millions of Americans outraged by the corruption of our government, help stop the corruption where it starts – at the polls. Sign up right here, right now. Let’s work together to verify the vote in every election across our nation! If our elections are not truly fair…we are not truly free.

Be Wary: Attorney General Tom Horne says Arizonans who wish to contribute to the construction of a border fence should only contribute to the state's official website designated for that purpose. That website is: "In the past few days, some consumers may have become confused by a website with a similar Internet address as Arizona's official border fence construction site," Horne said. "That website made changes when the operator was alerted to the possible confusion, but consumers should always exercise caution when donating money. Make sure the entity you're giving the donation to is legitimate and will use the funds for the purpose intended. In the case of the border fence construction, the official website has the Arizona State Seal and the website banner. Consumers should be wary of any other website that claims to support funding for the border fence."


AZ Candidates

Exciting News! Gabby will be speaking to a national audience this Saturday, July 30th at the Smart Girls Summit in St Louis. She is scheduled to speak at 4:15 pm CDT (2:15 pm, AZ time this Saturday). You can watch online at this link. Please let your friends know about Gabby's national debut.

AFP-AZ Records for 2011 Phoenix City Candidates
Listed below are scores for candidates running in the 2011 Phoenix municipal elections, as found on AFP-Arizona Legislative Scorecards and AFPF-Arizona Local Government Scorecards released in previous years.

There is only one true conservative running for Phoenix Mayor and that is Jennifer Wright.


Sonoran Alliance Sonoran Alliance Headlines

John McCain, A Horde or Hobbits & The Tea Party Fallout
Rep. David Schweikert on CNBC with Rep. Yarmuth discussing debt
Jim Waring Receives Endorsement of Sheriff Paul Babeu & Councilman Bill Gates
Jennifer Wright Garners More Endorsements from Leading Conservatives
Western Free Press Interviews Charlie Ellis, Phoenix City Council Candidate, District 5

Arizona GOP Kicks Off Freedom Festival! July 26

Seeing Red AZ Seeing Red AZ

Neely’s longtime links to liberal causes exposed
Pew concedes Obama’s sinking like a rock
Cleaning up the courts via judicial merit selection?
McCain blasts Tea Party


Western Free Press Western Free Press

Independent Redistricting - IRC Pub Comm Mesa 7.25.11 Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

WFP Interviews Tom Jenney, AZ State Director of Americans for Prosperity video *****
Note: What a blessing for AZ to have Tom Jenny here!
And Thanks to Brad Zinn for his great interviews!

A republic, if you can keep it video *****

ICAZ Intelligent Conservative AZ IC Arizona HEADLINES

Sen. Russell Pearce talks about the recall against him, illegal immigration and more audio
Senator Russell Pearce's interview on the Roger Hedgecock Show. Help Russell fight back against the unions that are trying to recall him. Contribute at

AFP/Goldwater Institute: Milton Friedman birthday party Friday
This Friday, July 29, the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity Foundation will celebrate the achievements of Dr. Milton Friedman, as part of a national day of recognition for the Nobel laureate economist, his work, his theories, and his contributions to political change. The Friedman Legacy for Freedom Day, sponsored by the Foundation for Educational Choice and the Milton and Rose D.

Arizona Latino Republican Association update - RADIO ALRA PLUS
ARIZONA LATINO REPUBLICAN ASSOCIATIONThursday, July 28, 2011RADIO ALRA broadcasting live every Saturday night 7PM on KKNT 960 AM - Rey Torres, Haydee Dawson & Rudy Pena will be talking to AZ GOP County Chairman Rob Haney and AZ Attorney General Tom Horne on Saturday, July 30, 2011. Please spread the word and if you are interested in advertising please contact Preston.Romero@

Watch live on Saturdays - from 6-7pm Phoenix AZ - the Alexander & Symes Show

AZ Capitol Times AZ Capitol Times


__________________ AZ Radio _________________

Listen to the Radio show presented by the ARIZONA LATINO REPUBLICAN ASSOCIATION
Saturdays at 7 to 8PM at 960 on your AM Dial from Phoenix AZ.
RADIO ALRA ROLLING: Tonight ALRA members on the airwaves:
Rey Torres, Rudy Pena and Alice Lara . Tune in or listen online at 7PM to the most conservative Latino voice in Arizona if not the world at 960 AM

Conservative Leadership Coalition & Ban Amnesty radio show 7 pm every Tuesday evening on Arizona's KFNX 1100-AM, online at 1100KFNX.COM Talk show host Sean McCaffrey.

American Freedom by Barbara

Jon Justice Show Jon Justice Show 104.1 FM Tuscon

Crossroads with Van at 4 pm Live Thurs. KXXT 1010am
Crossroads Presents Tea Party Talk with Van at 5 pm Live Mon-Wed.



The Pachyderm Coalition

The Pachyderm Coalition

PACHYDERM COALITION - NORTHEAST VALLEY CHAPTER (2nd Wed) Coco's Restaurant, Paradise Valley Mall, 4514 E Cactus Rd, Phx, (N Tatum and E Cactus) Dinner (order from menu) 6 pm. mtg 7-8:30 pm. Contact: Howard Levine, NE Valley Chapter Chairman, 480-577-4168

PACHYDERM COALITION MO (NW VALLEY) DINNER (3rd Wed) 6:15 pm. Denny's Banquet Room, 5161 W. Thunderbird Rd, Glendale. more info at Chr Don Goldwater at or

CASA GRANDE PACHYDERM COALITION (4th Mon) 6:30 pm.. Legacy Suites on Florence just W of I-10. Contact: Dolores Testerman, Chr. Mike Sec - Casa Grande Pachyderm Coalition

GILBERT PACHYDERM COALITION. (4th Wed) 6:30 - 8:30 pm. Black Bear Diner, 1809 E. Baseline Road, Gilbert (map)

CHINO VALLEY PACHYDERM COALITION. (3rd Thurs) 6 pm. Bonn Fire Restaurant on Hwy 89 south of Chino Valley. Limited seating (45). Reservations requested. RSVP Sue at or 636-7355


PAChyderm Coalition: Updated legislator ratings

Pachyderm Scorecard
The PAChyderm Coalition, a Reagan Republican organization, has just released its latest cumulative evaluations of legislators.
This list reflects legislative actions as of 3/112011. It was last updated 3/13/2011. Scroll down to see the bills used in the evaluations and the summary of criteria used to weight bills.


REPUBLICAN JEWISH COALITION AZ Chapter (4th Wed) 6 pm, Appalossa Library, 7377 E. Silverstone Dr., Scottsdale. Membership $50 per person or $75 per couple. Click here to join. RSVP to Alex Siegel at or 202-638-2909 x 107

AMP Arizona Mainstream Project is launching a series of educational seminars/classes beginning in June. Some of our scheduled speakers are Gene Aldridge who will talk on "foreign policy", Terry Gilberg who will talk about media spin and half truths, Steve Twist will give a talk on Crime Victims rights, Brad Zinn on Communism, and Shane Krauser will be giving one of his extraordinary seminars on understanding the Constitution and its exceptionalism.

Arizona Citizens Defense League Join the ARIZONA CITIZENS DEFENSE LEAGUE

Independence Day Rifle Match
Celebrate Independence Day in a way that would make the Founding Fathers proud!

The Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL) cordially invites you to our Annual Meeting of Members on October 1, 2011 at the Tucson Expo Center, in Tucson

Pinal County Citizens for Excellence in Goverment
The PCCEG is the County BOS watchdog group. Check out their website and get involved

Arizona voter registration as of January 2011:
Republican: 1,142,605 35.80%
Independent 1,010,725 31.66%
Democrat 1,008,689 31.60 %
Libertarian 24,880 0.79%
Green 5,040 0.16%


Pinal County AZ News & Events

There are 170 elected positions to be filled in the next election in Pinal County.
Will YOU be one of them?
70 of them are for school boards. Many of these positions determine your property tax rates as well as other taxes. Please consider running!


Pinal County Seeks Citizen Input on Redistricting
FLORENCE – By order of state statutes, Pinal County voters will be electing a five member Board of Supervisors in 2012, based on population data gathered in the 2010 census. The state’s population growth also means that Arizona will gain a Congressional district. Statewide redistricting has an effect on countywide redistricting yet the planning needs to follow a similar track and timeline.
The Board of Supervisors and Pinal County Elections Department is seeking preliminary public input through a survey that is posted online. You can find a link to the survey under Hot Topics on the Elections Department website or you can access it here


Pinal Events

________________ Pinal Monthly Events ____________________

Pinal County 9-12 Tea Party Meets 1st & 3rd Mondays from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the
Pinal County Cowboy Church 18171 W. Hopi Dr. Casa Grande 85122

The Maricopa Tea party
meets on the first Wednesday of the month
Location: Native New Yorker 21164 N. John Wayne Parkway Maricopa Map

The Casa Grande Pachyderm Coalition
Special Speaker 4th Mondays of the month - 6:30pm at Legacy Suites on Florence just W of I-10

Pinal County Citizens for Excellence in Goverment
The PCCEG meetings are held on the fourth Saturday of every month 10:00am
at the Sun City Anthem at Merrill Ranch Union Center.

Casa Grande Elementary School District Board Meeting
The CG Elem Board meets on the second Tuesday of the month. Check the website link 24 hours before the meeting for the agenda and related d...
Note: These people are in your wallet big time!!! Get involved and get them under control!

Casa Grande Union High School District Board meets on the first Tuesday of the month.
Check the website 24 hours before the meeting for the agenda and related docs
CG High School Board Reschuled to July 14!!!!!

Pinal County Board of Supervisors Meeting
Supervisor Hearing Room, Building A Street: 31 N. Pinal St. City/Town: Florence
The BOS meets twice a month on Wednesday at 9:30 AM. Please check the website link 24 hours before the meeting for the agenda and other related documents.

The Council Casa Grande City Council
1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 7 pm in the City Council Chambers 510 E. Florence Blvd.
Check the website link 24 hours before the meeting for the agenda and related documents





Dr. Steven Carol of Middle East Radio Forum will be speaking on the current state of affairs in the turbulent, ever changing Middle East. There will be a Q & A after his presentation and he will be offering copies of his books. Sorry - no credit cards.
YOU MUST RSVP TO: RED MT PATRIOTS 1-877-267-3317 HOSTED BY: The Red Mountain TEA Party

Dr. Carl Goldberg will present an eye-opening talk on the ideology of Islam
which draws upon the most respected Islamic sources to prove that Islam is not just a religion but also a totalitarian and imperialistic ideology. In one hour, you will get a conceptual framework and a handout syllabus with materials from the Islamic sources so that at the end of the evening you will understand what the problem with Islam is and what to do about it. You will know a lot more about Islam than the vast majority people in America. There will be plenty of time for Q&A after the talk.
JULY 21, Thursday, 6:30 p.m. Red Mountain Community College, 7110 East McKellips Road, Mesa
Sponsored by Republican Party LD 19


Flyer pdf Cost: $10 per person.

Saturday, September 10th, 2011 2:00 pm -5:00 PM Arizona Mainstream Project Presents
A Panel Discussion: The Mexican-American “Raza” Controversial Ethnic Studies Program
in the Tucson Unified School District

Attorney General Tom Horne
CD7 Candidate Gabriela Saucedo Mercer
Founder of TU4SD Lorretta Hunnicutt
Educator/Activist Lisa Ruth
President of ALRA Rey Torres
Public Relations Director for State Superintendent John Huppenthal Andy LaFevere
Educator John Ward
Location: Phoenix Airport Marriot Hotel 1101 North 44th Street, Phoenix, AZ
Refreshments will be served Cost: $15 per person
RSVP or more info email to: or call 480-659-4232

___________ AZ monthly events __________

AFP Arizona’s latest list of upcoming events

PACHYDERM COALITION MO (NW Valley) (3rd Wed) 6:15 pm.
Dinner Marie Callendar's, 4930 W. Bell Road, Glendale

Coco's Restaurant, Paradise Valley Mall, 4514 E Cactus Rd, Phx, (N Tatum and E Cactus)
Dinner (order from menu) 6 pm. mtg 7-8:30 pm.

The San Tan Valley Patriots meet every Tuesday from 7PM ~ 8PM
at the Barney Family Sports Complex in Queen Creek

AZ Tea Party Events

Gabriela Saucedo Mercer events

The Arizona Origin Science Association (AzOSA) Events

Find your AZ Legislator
Find Your Rep
John Boehner, Speaker
Find Your Senator
Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader
Sen. Jon Kyl 202-224-4521 602-840-1891
Sen. John McCain 202-224-2235 602-952-2410

Arizona GOP Congressional Delegation:
Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader
Sen. John Kyl 202 224 4521 602 840 1891
Sen. John McCain 202 224 2235 602 952 2410
John Boehner, Speaker
Rep. Paul Gosnar (CD1)
Rep. Trent Franks (CD2) (623) 776-7911
Rep. Ben Quayle (CD3)
Rep. David Schweikart (CD5)
Rep. Jeff Flake (CD6)

AZ State GOP officials
AZ Legislators:
Gov. Jan Brewer (602) 542-1361 and (602) 542-4331
AZ Sec. of State Ken Bennett
AZ Treasurer Doug Doucey
AZ Attorney General Tom Horne
AZ Supt of Schools John Huppenthal
Corp Comm Chr Gary Pierce
Corp Comm Brenda Burns
Corp Comm Bob Stump
Mar. Co Bd of Supervisors #1 Fulton Brock
Mar. Co Bd of Supervisors #2 Don Stapley
Mar. Co Bd of Supervisors #3 Andrew Kunasek
Mar. Co Bd of Supervisors #4 Max Wilson

Here is the link to Our GOP Party Document.

mAZ Republican Committee...Maricopa County Republican Committee .. Pinal County Republican Committee logo...Arizona Latino Republican Association

Pima County GOP

Pinal County Apparel Store

Arizona Legislative list, complete with phone and e-dresses





Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
they shall prosper that love thee.
Ps 122:6
As the mountains are round about Jerusalem,
so the LORD is round about his people
from henceforth even for ever.
Ps 125:2



Israel Palestinian Conflict: The Truth About the West Bank DannyAyalon *****
In the video, Israel's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Danny Ayalon explains the historical facts relating to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The video explains where the terms "West Bank", "occupied territories" and "67 Borders" originated and how they are incorrectly used and applied.



Survey Shows Palestinians Far Worse Than the Inhabitants of Nazi Germany by David Horowitz
And this makes progressive supporters of the Palestinian cause enablers of the genocidal wishes of their Palestinian friends. ...

Only 73% of Palestinians Want Jews Annihilated (as Per Islam's Canonical Hadith)
Data have just been released from a survey completed this week which confirm the implacable, murderous irredentism of Israel's Palestinian Muslim "peace partners." 

A Public Expression of Support for Israel Rally
Free admission for All

August 14,2011 4:30 to 6:00pm Georgia World Congress Center International Plaza
285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW Atlanta, GA 30313 Next to Philips Arena & CNN Center

Historical novels by Bodie & Brock Thoene
I highly recommend these historical novels which describe the events preceeding WW2 and the re-establishment of Israel Zion Covenant - Zion Chronicles - Zion Legacy


And many people shall go and say,
Come ye, and let us go up
to the mountain of the LORD,
to the house of the God of Jacob;
and he will teach us of his ways,
and we will walk in his paths:
for out of Zion shall go forth the law,
and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.
Isaiah 2:3

Palestinians Of A Jewish Origin Part One video Part 2

The origin of Jews - genetic study video

Middle East Conflict video
The Terrorism Awareness Project at the David Horowitz Freedom Center has produced a ten minute video which provides the truth about what the Middle East conflict is really about.


Click Here for more info on Israel,
it's history, some music and other info

Shuvah Shuvah Yisrael Yisrael

"If my people, who are called by my name, will
humble themselves and pray and seek my face
and turn from their wicked ways, then will I
hear from heaven and will forgive their sin
and will heal their land." 1 Chronicles 7:4



Y Net Y-Net News


Israel Broadcasting Authority English News




Israel Faces a Serious Environmental, Security and Agricultural Problem
Beef Cattle are Failing to Thrive in Israel’s Desert Environment
The New Israeli Guardians is a young, grassroots volunteer organization established in 2007 to help farmers and ranchers in the Negev and the Galilee who administer vast tracts of state-owned land to deal with the threat of illegal seizure of their land.


The Jerusalem Declaration ***** Please Sign the Declaration!
We, the signers of the Jerusalem Declaration, affirm that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish People and the State of Israel. No other national or political entity has a legitimate moral, political or historical claim to Jerusalem as its capital




Palestian Media Watch Palestinian Media Watch

Honest Reporting Honest Reporting

Israeli Government Video Irks Palestinians
Why has an Israeli video explaining the history and legal status of the West Bank upset the Palestinians?
Could the real story be a threat to the distorted Palestinian narrative? See the video

Israpundant - Ted Belman ISRAPUNDENT Articles - Ted Belman


Behind The News in Israel


Israel Daily Picture -
Note: This site not only is interesting, but directly confronts the FALSE claims put out by the PA

cjhsla cjhsla
The Jewish Spring

One Jerusalem ONE JERUSALEM !!!

Mr. President: It's Jerusalem, Israel
Dear Friend of Jerusalem,
If you are an American citizen born in Jerusalem, the United States Government will not include Israel as the place of birth on your passport. One Jerusalem is involved in an important effort to end this discrimination against Israel.
The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case brought by an American citizen born in Jerusalem. US citizen Menachem Zivotofsky was born in Jerusalem in 2002. The US State Department has refused to list "Jerusalem, Israel" as his place of birth on his passport and would only write "Jerusalem" instead. This is despite the fact that in 2002 Congress instructed the State Department to "record the place of birth as Israel" in passports of American children born in Jerusalem if their parents request it.
The Obama administration urged the Supreme Court not to hear the case. The Supreme Court justices instead not only agreed to hear the case, but also directed the two sides to address the broad question of whether the law "impermissibly infringes the president's power to recognize foreign sovereigns."
This case is especially important at a time when the US President has effectively endorsed the division of Jerusalem in calling for a return to the 1967 lines, while an overwhelming majority of Congress supports defensible borders and a united Jerusalem.

The Israel Project The Israel Project

GIYUS Give Israel Your United Support

Jewish Indy Jewish Indy Great source for current news and editorials!

Docs Talk

FLAME F.L.A.M.E. - Facts & Logic About the Middle East

Israel Today Israel Today


VIDEO: The UN's hostile obsession with Israel
The UN and its 'human rights' arm has an unhealthy, unbiblical obsession with defaming Israel; but why, and how does it get away with doing so with so little criticism?


Jews for Sarah Jews for Sarah

Every Sunday- MIDDLE EAST RADIO FORUM - 12 Noon AZ time, 11 AM Pacific, 12 Noon AZ, 1 PM Central, 2 PM Eastern, 9PM in the Middle East listen live here Shows archived for your convenience


Click Here for more info on Israel,
it's history, some music and other info




Palestinian Refugees - Human Rights Denied video
Palestinian Refugees: An ongoing human rights scandal. Join the call for an end to the Palestinian refugee crisis. A betrayal artificially created by Middle Eastern governments for over 60 years.
Note: These people have been used as pawns by Arafat, The PA, Hamas, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt! They were citizens of Jordan in the San Remo conference!



Palestine Maps


Jordan - Is it or is it not Palestine?
... In 1917, Britain had issued the Balfour Declaration, a statement expressing Britain's promise for "the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people." In 1922, the League of Nations granted Britain the mandate over Palestine, specifically including the requirements of the Balfour Declaration for the establishment of a Jewish homeland. Since Biblical times, under the Ottomans and under the British mandate, the country now called "Palestine" always included the area now occupied by Israel (including the "West Bank"), Gaza and Jordan. In order to satisfy the branch of the Hashemites that was left without a kingdom, the British drew a few lines on the map and granted the entire area east of the Jordan River -- close to 80% of mandated Palestine -- as a kingdom to Abdullah. The Jewish homeland, promised in the Balfour Declaration by the same British, was reduced to a mere one-fifth of its original size. Transjordan (as the new country was called), an artificial state with an alien ruling dynasty, attained its independence from Britain in 1946. ...

San Remo Conference video *****
In World War I (Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan and the United States), held in San Remo, Italy, in April 1920, which confirmed the pledge contained in the *Balfour Declaration concerning the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine.


Click Here for more info on the FACT
that Jordan IS Palestine



Islam & Jihad

Islam is our greatest threat! Shariah is INCOMPATIBLE
with our Constitution and freedom!

Christianity & Judaism INVITE you to believe -
Islam DEMANDS you believe ... or DIE!

CAIR = Converting America to an Islamic Republic

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

Muslims Coming To Christ In Kurdistan/Northern Iraq video 

10,000's of Muslims Convert to Christianity in UK video
Are you tired of the hatred of Islam? Religion is a choice. Don't mindlessly follow your family or culture. Think for yourself. Islam is a religion of hatred and control.

Zakaria Botros: Islam’s Scourge Returns by Raymond Ibrahim
Father Zakaria Botros, also known as Islam’s “Public Enemy #1,” is back. From around 2005-2010, this 76 year-old Coptic priest was Islam’s bane. Appearing weekly on Arabic satellite, where he was viewed by an estimated 60 million people worldwide, mostly Muslims, he meticulously exposed any number of theological problems with Islam—all from Islam’s own books—while [...]



Radical Islam poses a serious threat to the United States
and all of Western civilization – arm yourself…with information.

_____ We have heard over and over that not all the Muslims are radical. _____
There are reportedly 1.6 billion Muslims in the world.
If only 5% are radicals, that is only eighty million radicals!
_____ A small group of them pulled off 9-11 _____


Four Myths about the Crusades Paul F. Crawford (from IR 46:1) - 04/21/11
This article appears in the Spring 2011 edition of the Intercollegiate Review.
.... But unanimity is not a guarantee of accuracy. What everyone “knows” about the crusades may not, in fact, be true. From the many popular notions about the crusades, let us pick four and see if they bear close examination.
Myth #1: The crusades represented an unprovoked attack by Western Christians on the Muslim world.
Nothing could be further from the truth, and even a cursory chronological review makes that clear. In a.d. 632, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Asia Minor, North Africa, Spain, France, Italy, and the islands of Sicily, Sardinia, and Corsica were all Christian territories. Inside the boundaries of the Roman Empire, which was still fully functional in the eastern Mediterranean, orthodox Christianity was the official, and overwhelmingly majority, religion. Outside those boundaries were other large Christian communities—not necessarily orthodox and Catholic, but still Christian. Most of the Christian population of Persia, for example, was Nestorian. Certainly there were many Christian communities in Arabia. ...


The Palestinians: Perhaps their most amazing secret
Youtube removed this movie for "shocking and disgusting content". We agree, the content is shocking and disgusting, but it is reality. There is no reason for the video to have been removed. Please share with EVERYONE! and press Like.
Note: Youtube seems to be a dhimini of Islam! They need to stop playing to their demands!



Supreme Court Justice-Elena Kagan-is Pro Sharia Law! Kevin A. Lehmann - The United West

Buying LUSH cosmetic products support HAMAS!!!!!!

Islam has already had a reformation - Al Quida is the result


Egypt: Banners in Tahrir Square read "Sharia above the constitution"
Gearing up, they hope and expect, for the revolution after the revolution. More on this story. "Groups quit Egypt rally saying hijacked by Islamists," by Edmund Blair and Marwa Awad for Reuters, July 29: (Reuters) - More than 30 political parties and movements withdrew from a rally on Friday that...

U.N. names Hizballah figures indicted in Hariri case
Interpol has already issued a "red notice" for their arrests. Now that the four Hizballah men have been officially named, Lebanon has until August 11 to inform the U.N. tribunal of the action they will take. In a Hizballah-dominated government, the scope of possible responses is considerable. They may well...

"Islamists," and former allies, suspected in assassination of Libyan rebel chief
It is this alliance of rebels that we're banking on to usher a democratic civil society in Libya. "Islamists suspected over Libyan rebel death," by Rania El Gamal for Reuters, July 29: (Reuters) - Libyan rebels say the gunmen who shot dead their military chief were members of an Islamist-linked...

Muslim soldier who plotted new jihad mass murder at Fort Hood shouts "Nidal Hasan Fort Hood 2009" while leaving courtroom today
Last year, Abdo condemned the Fort Hood jihad massacre: "Abdo's words in court were a sharp contrast to an essay he wrote last year as the first anniversary of the Fort Hood shootings approached and as he petitioned for conscientious objector status. In the essay, obtained by The Associated Press,...

Who Is Lee Silver? Ask Anders Breivik
Who Is Lee Silver? Ask Anders Breivik by David Klinghoffer Our local NPR station here in Seattle plays the BBC Newshour after lunch and I happened to be in my car listening when the interview with Robert came on, startlingly all but crediting him as special mentor or private tutor...

Hundreds of thousands demonstrate in Cairo, demand Islamic state
Note the frequent use of "ultraconservatives" in this piece. Again, for AP, to be "ultraconservative" means to want Sharia, and to be "ultraconservative" means to resist Sharia. I tried to tell you: "Thousands demonstrate for an Islamic state in Egypt," by Ben Hubbard for The Associated Press, July 29 (thanks...

Raymond Ibrahim: Rationalizing Pedophilia in Islam
Earlier this month we saw—or rather, were once again reminded—that Islam permits pedophilia in the guise of “marriage”: Top Saudi cleric, Dr. Salih bin Fawzan, issued a fatwa asserting that there is no minimum age for girls to marry, “even if they are in the cradle,” and that the only...

The Malaysian response to the Norwegian massacre
Events in far-off Norway, namely the horrific double-attack and massacre of innocents about one week ago, have elicited a response from the Malaysia government in what is officially described as a 'strong condemnation'. And for Malaysia's government, it is largely as advertised, a sternly-worded condemnation, but with a dollop of...

FBI adopts Lysenkoism as official policy
It is no surprise that in an official environment that refuses to speak about "Islam" and "terrorism" in the same sentence -- a policy which must involve quite a lot of mental and verbal gymnastics when jihad terrorists start quoting Qur'an and other Islamic sources -- that the truth about...

"AWOL Fort Campbell soldier" admits plans for massacre at Fort Hood
To review: he obtained conscientious objector status against being deployed to Iraq after saying "his Muslim beliefs prevented him from fighting." But he was willing and able to travel to Texas to attempt to pick up where Nidal Malik Hasan left off and slaughter more soldiers at Fort Hood. An...

Indonesia: Members of frenzied mob that killed 3 Ahmadis get a few months in jail
The attack was videotaped as a crowd shouted "Allahu akbar!" and young boys recorded it on their mobile phones. The savagery of the murders did not lead, as one would logically expect, to enhanced protection of Ahmadis within Indonesia, but to the opposite. They were essentially blamed for causing the...

African Union troops intervene after Somali jihadists threaten aid camps
Al-Shabaab's conduct is reminiscent of the Saudi religious police who beat schoolgirls back into a burning building rather than letting them out sinfully unveiled. But the Somali jihadists are causing suffering and death on a much larger scale, in what they say is an effort to keep out the "Christian"...

U.S. special ops commander warns of al-Qaeda's next generation
Al-Qaeda, the Next Generation. Purists will say it could never top The Old Series. Despite being the number-one brand name in global jihad, al-Qaeda's ideology is not of its own invention, and that is ultimately the source of its resilience. It is a waste of precious time that even being...

U.S. accuses Iran of striking deal with al-Qaeda
A gentlemen's agreement, minus the gentlemen. "U.S. accuses Iran of aiding al-Qaeda," by Joby Warrick for the Washington Post, July 28: The Obama administration said Thursday that Iran is helping al-Qaeda funnel cash and recruits into Pakistan for its international operations, the most serious U.S. allegation to date of...

New Fort Hood jihadi on ABC News last year: wants to "put a good positive spin out there that Islam is a good, peaceful religion"
And how better to do that than by murdering a few Infidels? An update on the conscientious objector who got out of the Army so he could avoid killing his fellow Muslims, but evidently wanted to kill large numbers of non-Muslims at Fort Hood. War Is Deceit Update: "Devout Muslim...

Creeping Sharia Creeping Sharia BO waters...

NYPD bows to Islam at annual Pre-Ramadan Conference
Muslim arrested in Fort Hood terror plot defiantly shouts Fort Hood killer’s name
UK Muslim jailed for calling for jihad against politicians
UK: Probe into Sharia law courts scrapped because Muslim courts refused to help
Muslim school loses zoning decision, terror-linked CAIR asks DOJ to step in
NJ: Muslims attack, threaten cops, get $50,000 settlement
AWOL Muslim soldier who refused to deploy, arrested in plot against Fort Hood
School-Mosques Protest at the Toronto District School Board (video)
US troops in Mideast told to abide by sharia law during Ramadan
Tennessee-born Muslim seeks interpretation of sharia marriage contract in Canadian court

Logan's Warning Logan's Warnings

UK Muslims: Sharia is Unstoppable!
In this update about tomorrow's UK Sharia march, we see that Muslims there are getting more brazen. Besides getting more brazen they are exploiting the recent mass murders in Norway.

Terrorism Awareness
On-line Videos, Books, Pamphlets, and Fliers

MEMRI MEMRI - The Middle East Media Research Institute

ACT! for America Act! for America

King Opens Third Committee on Homeland Security Hearing on Radicalization, Focusing on al Shabaab
Washington, D.C. (Wednesday, July 27, 2011) – This morning, U.S. Rep. Peter T. King (R-NY), Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, convenes the hearing entitled “Al Shabaab: Recruitment and Radicalization within the Muslim American Community and the Threat to the Homeland.” The prepared opening statement of Chairman King follows: ...
.... You will hear how al-Shabaab, who bin Laden called “One of the most important armies” of Islam, is engaged in an ongoing, successful effort to recruit and radicalize dozens of Muslim-American jihadis, who pose a direct threat to the U.S.

ACT! for America Achievements 2011 video

Watch ACT! for America TV Show online

Islamist Watch

Radical Islam Radical Islam

Cries For Help From Iranian Web Activists Go Unheeded by

Empower Iranians Vs. Tehran by Daniel Pipes



Is the Western world at war with the Islamic Republic of Iran?

Iranium, a new documentary film by Clarion Productions, depicts the danger behind the threat.
Click here to watch the trailer, and be sure to visit the site to watch the full documentary

Investigative Investigative Project on Terrorism News

Fort Hood Targeted for Second Terrorist Attack
Naser Jason Abdo made an initial court appearance in Waco, Tex. Friday, where he was charged with possessing an unregistered weapon.
Press reports indicate that Abdo defiantly invoked the name of 2009 Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan as he was taken out of the courtroom. "Nidal Hasan Fort Hood 2009," spectators heard him shout.
Hasan is charged with killing 13 people during a shooting spree at a readiness center at Fort Hood in November 2009. Hasan had been in contact with American-born al-Qaida cleric Anwar al-Awlaki before the attack, and Awlaki hailed Hasan as a hero after the shooting.
Investigators have not found evidence that Abdo had similar communication with terrorists, but he did have a copy of an article from al-Qaida's English-language magazine, Inspire, with instructions on home-made bombs. Abdo, who had been granted conscientious objector status, claimed he could not kill fellow Muslims if deployed to Afghanistan.
His target and his shouting of Hasan's name indicate he felt no hesitation killing his fellow soldiers.
The possession charge may not be the extent of the charges Abdo ultimately faces. Rather, it may be a preliminary step to detain him while the investigation unfolds. ...

The Middle East Forum The Middle East Forum

UNRWA's Anti-Israel Bias by Arlene Kushner

Muslim Brotherhood: "Impose Islam... Step by Step" by Raymond Ibrahim
... Nasser, a pious Muslim, was most likely intimately, if not instinctively, aware of what the Brotherhood was—and still -- is: he was aware that it is impossible for Muslim organization's committed to theocratic rule to negotiate or share power, much less be trustworthy allies.
In short, Nasser was aware that, once the opportunity presented itself, the Brotherhood would do everything in its power to take over: unlike secular parties concerned with the temporal, it has a divine mandate -- a totalitarian vision -- to subdue society to Sharia.
Some people even maintain that Nasser himself staged the assassination attempt as a pretext to eliminate the Brotherhood. – an interpretation that only further supports the theory that Nasser knew he had to dismantle the Islamists, and was willing to play dirty to do so. ...
DrHistory Comment: Throughout history, those seeking to remain in power STAGE assassinations, which they then use to institute draconian measures. As written, Nasser did it, Hitler did it (there were four attempts before he came to power, and ten during 1933, the year he came to power. Not all were real attempts.). Question: Would BHO have such an attempt staged in order to secure his victory in the 2012 election? Food for thought!

Mid East Truth Mid East Truth

Casual Hate: The Subtle Side of Christian Persecution by Raymond Ibrahim

Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report

BREAKING NEWS: Tens Of Thousands Call For Islamic State In Egypt; Mostly Muslim Brothers
Global media is reporting that tens of thousands of people, dominated by Muslim Brotherhood supporters, have gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square to call for an Islamic state in Egypt. According to a Global Post report: News DeskJuly 29, 2011 08:05 Tens of thousands of people have gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square after demonstrators called for an [...]

The United West The United West

Veteran Defenders Veteran Defenders of America


The Violent Extremism Knowledge Base is a single resource for information and research on violent extremism. For the initial launch in February 2011 the VKB consists of a wiki on violent extremism, a free basic Data Analysis and Visualization Environment that we call DAVE, and our growing library on terrorism and extremism.


How can you believe the Great and Mighty God who IS LOVE, who created man in His own image,
would command those people to kill each other???


You CAN leave Islam and live!!!
Learn more about Islam - Click here

Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil. Thomas Mann

Melanie Phillips - Islam in Europe video
Note: The scriptures command Bible believers to be a light to the world and to follow the values given. When believers do not do this, a void is formed making a place for the darkness of Islam to fill. This video shows the result of this failure...


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