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If you died today, do you know for sure that you would go to heaven?
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The Left-Out News
Whether reading in Genesis, Ezekiel or Psalms, I see the Prophecies and Promises given to us by the King of Kings
unfold before our eyes. I read His Book from the beginning to the end, so I know who wins!


Graphic Design Services

You only have 4 seconds
before someone decides to stay or leave your communication!

I’d like to make you look good so they will stay!

520•509•6424 | Casa Grande, AZ

Purim Movie
...Click for a Purim Movie...

Then go to JewishAwareness to send it as an e-card!

The Feasts of the LORD Movie Link


9 minute introduction movie to Jewish Awareness Ministries | Click Here

Click here for the Jewish Awareness Israel Tour brochure

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Butterfly Gourd
Hands on Bible Carving
Yom Kippur Banner
Torah at Wall Photo
God Bless the USA and Israel
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